Sweta Kunuku

SMSF Specialist Accountant

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Bachelor of Commerce Major in AccountingCPA - In-progress
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Meet Sweta

I’ve been working at Inspire for almost a year now and it has been an amazing experience for me as an SMSF accountant. I work closely with Ali, Head of Product and Quality Assurance to assist our team and clients with their Super Funds. My primary objective is to help business owners save tax proactively and develop effective strategies. It brings me joy to educate them on what is the right amount to withdraw, where to invest, and how to generate higher returns.

My journey with Inspire has been remarkable. We prioritise family, which is why we encourage a work-life balance. During weekends, I enjoy spending quality time with my wonderful husband and lovely daughter.

What I appreciate most about working at Inspire is the peace of mind it provides. The positive work environment here prevents me from feeling too exhausted at the end of the day.

The most rewarding aspect of my job is helping clients effectively manage their finances, including debt management, wealth growth, and generational wealth. It is fulfilling to assist them with this responsibility and provide guidance to ensure they can overcome their financial challenges.

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Outside of Inspire

I take pride in being a mother to my daughter, Alisha, and a loving wife to my husband, Asesh. Whenever we can, we take our daughter to different parks, and it brings us great joy to see her happy and enjoying her childhood.

My daughter has a sweet tooth, so in my free time, I enjoy baking treats with her help. It’s a fun activity that we both enjoy, and we love to share the sweets we make with others. When I have some alone time, I indulge in binge-watching Netflix.

Sweta 2
How did you get interested in accounting?

During my studies, I found a passion for numbers and helping people with their accounting needs. To me, accounting is the primary language for any business. This is why I chose Commerce as my first choice – to assist people and businesses with their accounting requirements.

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What is your favourite thing about working at inspire?

To be completely honest, the culture is what stands out to me. At Inspire, there is a strong emphasis on developing employees’ skills and aligning them with the company’s goals. I appreciate the freedom given to express my opinions, and it’s admirable how everyone is approachable and receptive to feedback, both personally and professionally.

What is one of the biggest impacts you’ve made?

I have received numerous expressions of gratitude for my work with Super Funds. As a committed SMSF Accountant at Inspire, I take pride in the commendable work I’ve done thus far. My work ethic revolves around being proactive and working efficiently. To enhance the team’s SMSF workload, one of my goal is to update the spreadsheet, which has been a backlog for some time.

What are some books, movies, podcasts, and TV you recommend?

One of my favourite movies that was adapted from a book is “The Pursuit of Happyness” by Chris Gardner and Quincy Troupe. If my daughter were to ask for a movie recommendation, I would definitely suggest this one.


What I love most about the movie is how the main character perseveres through his struggles and demonstrates incredible determination. It’s a powerful lesson about surviving life’s challenges and never giving up. I hope to impart this attitude to my daughter and see her embody the same determination.

Sweta 4
Which Sustainable Development Goal(s) do you choose and why?

I would choose to support Quality Education as I firmly believe it is the fundamental public service. Additionally, it plays a significant role in achieving other Sustainable Development Goals such as Gender Equality, Poverty Alleviation, and more.


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