Accountant Spring Hill

Accountant Spring Hill

Our Spring Hill accountants team is based in Brisbane and dedicated to helping small business owners in the area. Servicing a wide range of Spring Hill businesses and residents, our client base could be based anywhere between $250,000 to $5-10 million. 

And working with a wide range of industries like business, creatives, health and fitness, and more, we’re experienced and excited to hear from you. 

Our Spring Hill accountants can help you with a range of different accounting services, are you wanting assistance with:

Two Accountants In Spring Hill

How our Spring Hill accountants add value to business owners

Total Financial Control 

One of our key services from our accountants Spring Hill team is called Total Financial Control and we use it to help clients understand their numbers. 

We do a deep dive into cash flow forecasts, sales achievements, and targets that need to be hit every week (we call that The Magic Number).

This is a calculation of how many sales you have to hit every week to make sure everyone is being paid. That includes you as the business owner, all your suppliers, your team, and any debt if you’ve got it. Make sure you set aside some money for profit as well because we don’t go into business to only make a salary. 

We make sure that we’re making a market-rate profit in your industry and your business as well. That is one of the conversations we have around with Total Financial Control.

Wealth For Life

Wealth For Life is what our Spring Hill accountants call our focus on family finances. Ben Walker has written a book called Wealth For Life and it details the 9 steps that business owners must take to build wealth for their family and their life. We talk about things such as having a vision and a bucket list for your life and making sure you know what your current expenses are in your household. 

We also run through your magic number for financial freedom – how many investments do you need so that you’d never have to work again? You’re only working because you choose to.

We can also walk you through Estate Planning, Self Managed Super Funds and ensure you’ve got insurance as a backup in case things don’t go as planned. We cover things like making wise investment decisions and having a plan around the property,  leveraging debt to make it happen.

Talk to our Proactive Spring Hill Accountants

It’s important to work with a proactive accountant. Often we hear accountants that people are working with are reactive. You’re always approaching your accountant asking for things like, “I need to lodge my tax return”, or “Can we have a discussion around tax planning?” or maybe you’re wanting to know more about Self Managed Super Funds. 

Inspire is a proactive firm. We reach out to you when something is due for lodgement. We provide constant education through webinars, access to video recordings about all the different specialist topics we can help with, and one of our Partners can help you out as well, that’s the importance of working with a proactive accountant. If you’ve got the mindset of being teachable and open for any advice around certain things, then that’s a great fit for working with us. 

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