Nikki Sharifi

Nikki Sharifi

Senior Accountant

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Bachelor Of Business Majoring In Accounting at Queensland University Of Technology
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Meet Nikki

What I absolutely love about the company is the culture—it’s the first thing that stands out. Everyone is incredibly friendly and always ready to lend a helping hand. The team as a whole is filled with positivity and support, constantly checking in to make sure you’re doing okay. 

One thing I really appreciate is the flexibility they offer. If I have a doctor’s appointment or need to leave early, I just need to ask and as long as I make up the time, it’s no problem at all. Sakshi, my manager, is understanding and gives the go-ahead. Having that flexibility at work is fantastic because there are times when you really need it.

At inspire, everyone, it’s not just about being colleagues; it’s like being part of a close-knit group of friends. The camaraderie is amazing. They also organize some great activities like cultural dinners, breakfast get-togethers, and even a retreat at the end of the financial year. It’s so much fun to participate in these events and strengthens the bond within the team.

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Why did you join Inspire?

Honestly, I conducted extensive research and from what I gathered on social media and other platforms, it appears that this company has a strong and inclusive culture. It’s clear that employees are valued as more than just numbers here. This sentiment was reinforced during my interview. Sakshi who is my manager actually provided me with a detailed strategy plan for my personal development at work. The plan outlined specific levels, duties, and skills I need to focus on in order to progress to the next level. It also highlighted areas for improvement and suggested ways to enhance my abilities. This level of guidance and support is something I haven’t encountered in other firms I interviewed with. Needless to say, it greatly appealed to me and drew me towards this company.

What have you learned so far working at Inspire?

In my first week, I’ve been getting the hang of working with Karbon, a new software for me. While I’m familiar with working with various apps, Karbon was uncharted territory. I’m also adjusting to the Mac and iOS environment, which has been quite amusing. In addition to Karbon, I’ve been using Slack, which is a straightforward communication tool, but still new to me.

In terms of work, I’ve accomplished quite a bit this week. I learned how to prepare trust minutes, dividend statements, and even had negotiations during an ATO call. I also had the opportunity to attend tax planning meetings and assist Sakshi in wrapping them up. It’s been quite a packed week, and I’m proud of what I’ve achieved.

On my first day, Austin kindly gave me a tour of the office. Even though I arrived just five minutes early in the morning, he showed me around the upstairs and downstairs areas and introduced me to everyone. The people here are a fantastic group, and being a part of this team has been truly amazing. I’m really enjoying my time here. It’s worth mentioning that many of my colleagues have dogs, so I suggested, “why not having a pet day at the office while still getting our work done?” It would be a lot of fun!

Outside of Inspire

Outside of Inspire, my family and friends play a significant role in my life, bringing me joy and fulfillment. Typically, I allocate Saturdays to enjoy the company of my friends, while Sundays are dedicated to Family Day. Living alone, I cherish the moments spent with my family and make it a priority to see them at least once a week; it’s an essential part of my well-being. 

Furthermore, I kickstart my mornings by hitting the gym, engaging in a satisfying workout that energizes me and promotes a positive mindset. But perhaps one of the greatest sources of happiness for me is dogs. Though I am unable to have one currently due to the pet restrictions in my current residence, I love  spending time with my sister’s two beautiful dogs. Every Sunday, I eagerly visit her place, taking the opportunity to walk, bathe, and care for them. Their presence brings joy to my life.

How did you get interested in accounting?

When I was growing up, my dad, who was a business man, had a major impact on me. I used to watch him handle all the accounting side for his own business, and it fascinated me. Seeing how skilled and committed he was got me super interested in accounting, so I decided to make it my career. My dad’s influence still motivates me as I make my way in the accounting world. He’s my role model, no doubt about it!

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Fun fact about Nikki

Back when I was a student, I had the opportunity to work as a swimming teacher. It was an enjoyable experience that allowed me to both save money and indulge in something I truly love. Interacting with children was a big part of the job, and I enjoyed the time spent teaching them how to swim. Being a swimming teacher for kids was a fun gig during that period of my life. So, that’s a fun fact about me!

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What are some books/podcasts/movies/documentaries you recommend?

‘m a big fan of Oprah Winfrey’s books. I’ve read every single one she has written. As for podcasts, there’s this amazing one that doesn’t have the most appealing name, but trust me, it’s fantastic. It’s called “Do You ******* Mind?” hosted by a girl based in Brisbane. She covers a wide range of topics and offers insightful discussions about life. I find it really captivating. These two are the ones I primarily listen to and read. They definitely top my favorites list.

Which Sustainable Development Goal(s) do you choose and why?

If I were to prioritize the Sustainable Development Goals, I would place Zero Hunger as my top priority, followed by goal Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. It deeply saddens me to see that many countries are still grappling with these issues. Everyone deserves access to food and shelter as these are fundamental needs for human well-being. It’s crucial that we address these challenges to ensure a better quality of life for all.



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