Accountant for Creatives and Marketing Agencies.

If you’re looking for an accountant for creatives or a marketing agency, we’d love to help you at Inspire CA.  Creatives and marketing, especially digital marketing, are close to home.  We love great looking designs, high performing websites, and marketing strategies that perform.

We believe that a strong marketing strategy with an average product trumps a weak marketing strategy with a brilliant product.  Imagine what a strong marketing strategy with a brilliant product will do!

For this reason, we love working with agencies that help other businesses amplify their products and services.

At Inspire CA, we help a variety of creatives and marketing agencies build better businesses and provide greater value to their customers.

Some of the types of clients we look after are:
  • Creative Agencies
  • Graphic Designers
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Public Relations Agencies
  • Web Designers
  • Web Developers

What is important when it comes to Creatives and Marketing Agencies?

There’s a few things that you must get right when you are running your creative or marketing agency, such as:
  • Making sure you’re monitoring your cash flow
  • Putting your services together in an easy to understand way
  • Testing your business model and identifying opportunities to increase client value
  • Creating opportunities to expand your team to support your growing business

Numbers you need to know

At Inspire CA, we have a strong focus on helping our clients understand the numbers that grow their business.  As a creative or marketing agency, our key numbers to focus on are:
  • Debtor days (or the number of days it takes to receive payment from invoice)
  • Job turnaround time – as the quicker the job is completed, the earlier the customer receives the value
  • Average annual value per client – to identify any complementary services of value you could be providing to them
  • Number of leads – often we find that there is a lack of leads in a creative or marketing agency
  • Conversion rate – it’s all in the way that you present your business to your customers

How can we help you achieve your goals as an accountant for creatives and marketing agencies?

At Inspire CA, we can help you in a number of ways by:
  • Helping you better manage your cash flow
  • Structuring your business for growth, asset protection and tax planning
  • Identifying cloud solutions to help you run your business
  • Walk you through the planning and budgeting process in your business
  • Review your numbers on a regular basis and offer help to create profitability

    accountant for creatives - Tim Williams Take a Stand for Your Brand

Resources for Creatives and Marketing Agencies

Take a Stand for Your Brand: Building a Great Agency Brand from the Inside Out – Tim Williams [Book]
The Marketing Agency Blueprint – Paul Roetzer [Book]
Australian Marketing Institute [Industry Association]
B&T Magazine [Industry Magazine]

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