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Head of Product & Tax

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Meet Ali

This is my fourth year with Inspire and it has been an unbelievable growth experience for me. I had joined with minimal experience as an Accountant and within a short period of 6 months, having been thrown in the ‘deep end’, I was able to exceed my own expectations with my portfolio growing faster than I could keep up. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Everyday is unique here at Inspire and there is so much to get excited about. In my role, I have the pleasure of building a unique relationship with each client; getting to know their family, their kids, their lives, it’s a very intimate relationship. I’m so invested in my clients’ lives, I’m border-lining as a Psychologist. Jokes aside, every situation and family circumstance is unique.

My role encompasses thinking about where they’re at now, where they were before and where they want to be in the future.

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Outside of Inspire

I am married to my gorgeous wife, Beck, and we have both undeniably caught the travel bug. We especially crave experiences and destinations that are beyond our comfort zones. Being open to new horizons, experiencing new cultures and cuisines is what I find most captivating about travel.

If you don’t find me travelling, my favourite recreational activity is football. My favourite team is FC Barcelona and my favourite player (though he’s retired) would still be Ronaldinho de Assis Moreira.

What is your favourite thing about working at Inspire?

The supportive environment – there is so much independence and integrity at Inspire which forms the foundation of our culture here. If something needs to be done, whether it’s within the scope of your role or not, if you have the capacity to do it, you do it. Everyone here has adopted that mindset and it’s so comforting knowing that you can always rely on each other to take initiative.

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How did you get interested in accounting?

Initially, I had wanted to be an IT engineer. However, after the world had experienced the GFC, my natural thoughts were that accountants would be in demand. As I was just 17 at the time, taking on accounting wasn’t a concrete plan and had many exit strategies in mind had I not enjoyed it. Gratefully, I had found accounting came very naturally, 8 years later I’m still in this industry and loving it.

What is one of the biggest impacts you’ve made?

I feel that my biggest impact is having had a direct impact in helping the team at Inspire as well as our clients grow. Everyone is at different stages in life, both personally and professionally. I’ve been very fortunate to contribute to the growth of the people around me as well as our clients with my experience and expertise.

What are some books you recommend?

I’d say the Harry Potter series has always been one of my all time favourites. If I was to give a single book, I personally think ‘1984 by George Orwell’ is written impeccably.

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Which Sustainable Development Goal(s) do you choose and why?

I’d have to choose climate action and gender inequality. Having come from Bahrain, right before our eyes, we can see the negligence of the environment unfold in real time.

Bahrain having a male dominant country has also seen that gender equality has created an abundance of societal problems. Everyone deserves equal opportunity.



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