Construction Accountant Brisbane

Construction Accountant Brisbane

Meet our accountants for the construction industry

If you are looking for Accountants specialising in construction businesses, Inspire can help. 

As accountants for the construction industry, we have worked with multiple clients to help with their construction projects and the various challenges that come with them. We have worked with clients doing small one-off developments or even medium-size developments. 

  • Civil construction
  • Pool builders
  • Carpentry
  • Concreting
  • Home builders
  • Large developments

When it comes to looking at the feasibility of a project, having construction accountants by your side who understands the property game can be a game changer from project start to finish.

We can help determine feasibility and ensure your accounting for taxes and GST efficiently, to help your construction business get a step ahead.

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Accounting For Builders: Key Numbers We Help Focus On

Margin on the project

This is quite important for any project, especially with the cost of construction going up. You need to make sure that you have done proper calculations and factored in interest rate rises and the cost of construction now but also into the future. If you haven’t priced in future changes then you can see your margins going down very quickly. 

Total cost to market for the project

This is the total cost that you will have to spend from starting the project all the way to the end of the project. Our construction accountants will help determine this to ensure you’re meeting your goals.

Cash flow cycle

When it comes to construction cash is literally king. This is because most of the time there is external financing involved so you want to be meticulous with your cash flow planning and how your cash flow is going to look once the whole project is sold and also what you need to get your next project going. 

Loan to value ration (LVR)

You would have heard this term already. But when looking at getting finance from a bank the lower LVR you have the better deal it is for the bank.

To make it easy to get finance from the bank you need to make sure that the LVR for the bank is as low as possible and our construction accountants can help you.

Margin scheme

The margin scheme is a special scheme that allows businesses to calculate the GST on a property sale based on the difference between the purchase price and sale price, rather than the full sale price. This can result in a lower amount of GST being payable, which can be a significant benefit for businesses that deal in property.

Talk to accountants in the construction industry

We have an obligation-free process

If you’re looking for some help with accounting for builders or construction owners and you’re keen to explore changing construction accountants, we have a non-obligation process. 

Getting started with construction accountants

  1. The first step is booking a strategy call with one of our accounting team. It’s a free 20-minute zoom or phone call where you get to meet us and manage your questions. 
  2. From that point, you can consider doing a “Look Under The Hood” with us. There is no obligation to change accountants, but we give you a second opinion if you’re paying too much tax. 
  3. Throughout that process, we can identify any problems we see with your current setup. Anything that your current accountant hasn’t claimed, or tax you may ever pay, and strategies of how we might fix that going forward. 

We can run through it with you once you book an initial chat! 

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