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When you choose an Inspire Accounting team, you’re choosing a team that genuinely cares about transforming your financial journey.

Our Story

Inspiring Accounting is waking up every morning to help business owners get Cashed Up, so that… they can pull more money, time and happiness from their business.

Bored with the “boring” tag the accounting industry seems stuck with, Inspire Accounting is a firm on a mission to change common perception by achieving outstanding results with out of the box thinking… and doing.

As accountants and numbers people, we believe that family is number one, and get excited to help young families use their small business to achieve big goals.

Best known for proactive tax & accounting advice, our “It’s all Sorted” lodgement service for small businesses actually pays for itself in tax saved.

Acknowledged by Anthill as “one of the Top 100 Companies In Australia,” Inspire Accounting is throwing out timesheets and by-the-hour charges. Embracing cloud tech like Xero and giving part of its profits to families in need in developing countries, we are redefining what it means to be an accounting firm.

Want to get Cashed Up?

In 2017, we launch a book called ‘Cashed Up’, which outlines the award winning 7 step method for business owners to pull more money, time and happiness from their business.

Head to CashedUp – Book and read chapter one for free today!

Supporting Families In Need

We believe that every business has the power to change lives by integrating giving into its everyday business activities. That’s why every time you do business with Inspire we will make a contribution to our ‘dollar for a day’ initiative, and forever change the lives of families in need in the developing lands.

For every dollar of tax we save you, we’ll give that many days access to food, water, health & sanitation to a family in need.. So thank you – not just for being a client, but for making a real difference as well. Together we really can make a huge impact.

Our Core Values

Dream Big, Make an Impact & Remember Your Roots.
Dream Big

You were put on this planet to do more than simply break even and so if you think it’s about getting your tax done, you’ve missed the point. It’s about creating a business that gives you the freedom to put family first and make a difference in the world.

Make an Impact

We’re on a mission to deliver as many Freedom Days for our clients. A day where you can do what you want, when you want, with whom you want. As a result, every piece of advice we give you will help you either save tax, boost profits or accelerate cashflow. That is impact.

Remember Your Roots

We are numbers people and to us family is number one. Family is our why, our compelling reason why we get out of bed in the morning, and the ability to make our families proud drives us to do our life’s best work.


Meet Ben Walker

Most people see accountants as ‘boring’, a ‘necessary evil’, ‘expensive’ or even see accountants as if they are a ‘tax on a tax’. You may have even felt these same sentiments yourself too.

That’s why I started Inspire. I worked for big accounting firms’ and grew frustrated with the embarrassingly low standard of the Accounting industry. I knew that a GREAT accountant could be an invaluable part of your advisory team and a huge asset to the business.

This is why I aim for your investment in our services to pay for themselves many times over in tax savings and to date have delivered well over $28,000,000 in tax savings to our clients.

  • Started Inspire at 23
  • Anthill Online 30 under 30 Winner
  • Brisbane Young Entrepreneur finalist
  • Chartered Accountant
  • 17 years Accounting experience
  • Helped saved clients over $28 million (and counting) in tax
  • Worked with 100’s of Businesses
  • Keynote speaker
  • Author of Wealth For Life: The 9 steps business owners should follow to create wealth for their family and life
  • Author of It’s All Sorted: A business owner’s 9 step guide to master your tax & achieve peace of mind
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