Accountants Sunshine Coast

Accountants Sunshine Coast

About our accountants helping the Sunshine Coast

For the past decade, Inspire Accountants has been providing support to business owners in the Sunshine Coast area. We have worked with a wide range of industries, including law and engineering firms, health and fitness professionals, as well as e-commerce and manufacturing companies and much more. 

Our preferred clients have a turnover ranging from $250,000 to $5-10 million. We limit our focus to small business owners because we want to provide the most value, not just for their business but also for their family’s personal affairs. As a company grows, they tend to hire an internal accountant, which diminishes the value of our services. Therefore, we are selective in our clientele, and our primary contacts are the business owners themselves.

Our Sunshine Coast accountants can help you with a range of different accounting services, are you wanting assistance with:

Inspire Accountants

Why choose Inspire Sunshine Coast Accountants?

Our Sunshine Coast team of accountants are highly responsive to their clients’ needs. We recognise that business owners often complain about their accountants’ unresponsiveness, with delayed or last-minute document submissions being a common issue.


However, at Inspire Accountants, we have developed an efficient system that enables us to promptly respond to our clients’ requests and requirements. Timely submission of documents is a crucial and fundamental aspect of our services, and we ensure that our clients can expect flawless execution in this regard.

How our Sunshine Coast accountants help businesses create wealth for life and a lasting legacy for their clients

Total Financial Control 

As part of our Total Financial Control service, we offer clients assistance in comprehending their financials. We conduct a thorough analysis to ensure they have accurate cash flow forecasts and are aware of the minimum weekly sales target, which we refer to as The Magic Number.

It is crucial to determine how many sales are required to cover all expenses, including the business owner’s salary, team salaries, supplier payments, debt repayment, and allocation for profit. After all, the purpose of starting a business is not solely to earn a salary, but to generate a market-rate profit in their respective industry. Such conversations about profit maximisation are part of our Total Financial Control service.

Wealth For Life

We focus on family finances and call it Wealth For Life. Our book, also called Wealth For Life, outlines the nine essential steps business owners must take to build wealth for their family and their lives. These steps include having a clear vision and a bucket list for your life, knowing your current household expenses, determining your magic number for financial freedom, and making wise investment decisions. We also cover estate planning, self-managed super funds, insurance, and leveraging debt to acquire property.

Looking to change accountants?

If your business fits the criteria of our target clientele, the next step is to have a look under the hood to determine whether we can offer value to you. Our pricing is fixed, and we don’t charge by the hour. We are completely transparent about the fees, and we have set times throughout the year for delivering our services and holding meetings.

In addition, we provide a help desk service where you can call or email us without incurring any charges for quick inquiries. We don’t start billing for every six-minute unit, so you don’t have to worry about receiving an unexpected invoice. If you contact us for something that falls outside of our core services, which we refer to as It’s All Sorted, we will provide a fixed-price proposal for that specific item. You can decide whether to proceed with that proposal or not.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss how our Inspire Accountants can help you and your business.

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