Bradley Hayhoe

Bradley Hayhoe

Senior Accountant

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Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from Queensland University of Technology.
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Meet Bradley

I’ve been at Inspire for 5 months now working as a Junior Accountant for Team Riz.

Looking back at my journey so far, I must admit that I initially entered with limited experience. While I had about a year and a half of accounting experience, it was primarily gained at a boutique firm, which provided me with only a minimal understanding of the broader scope. However, since then, I have been thrown into various challenging situations, and I’ve embraced the opportunity to learn and grow. It has been an amazing experience to absorb knowledge across different aspects of the field. 

What truly stands out to me is the incredible people I have the privilege of working with. It’s a perfect blend of supportive colleagues who are genuinely kind and always ready to lend a hand, fostering a positive and uplifting environment. 

Additionally, the clients I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with have been nothing short of amazing. Each meeting has been an opportunity to engage with individuals who truly grasp the value of the services we offer, which further reinforces the rewarding nature of my work. The combination of exceptional colleagues and appreciative clients creates a fulfilling professional experience.

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Outside of Inspire

I have a great passion for learning Japanese, and I take pride in that. My journey with the Japanese language started during my school days, and more recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Japan for a two-week period. In anticipation of the trip, I dedicated myself to refreshing and solidifying my knowledge acquired in school. Since then, I have been actively applying myself to further improve my Japanese skills. My ultimate goal is to return to Japan in a couple of years and have the ability to engage in meaningful conversations with native speakers.

Other interests revolve around going to the gym and maintaining a strong focus on health and fitness. Engaging in various forms of exercise, whether it be vigorous workouts or simply taking walks with my beloved dog, it brings me joy as I cherish every moment with my fur-baby.

Additionally, I also have a love for gaming, often accompanied by lively conversations with my friends on Discord and other enjoyable activities in that realm.

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How did you get interested in accounting?

After completing my school education, I was certain that I wanted to work with numbers, which led me to pursue studies in engineering initially. However, I soon realised that engineering wasn’t the right fit for me; it didn’t align with my interests and aspirations. With a strong desire to enter the business world, I recognized that working with money and gaining a deep understanding of its impact made the most sense to me. Money plays a pivotal role in society, driving various aspects of our lives. Consequently, my interest in accounting was piqued, and I decided to pursue it as a career path. Since making that decision, I have found tremendous satisfaction in my job, and I can’t imagine forcing myself to continue down a path that wouldn’t have allowed me to excel.

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What is your favourite thing about working at inspire?

Similar to my previous response, I find the people aspect to be a significant source of satisfaction. Transitioning from a small firm to a larger one, I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by a multitude of incredible individuals, which has created an awesome atmosphere within the office. 

Moreover, the collaboration extends beyond physical interactions, as the online community, including the dedicated CSC team and the supportive back-office team, contributes immensely to our collective success. Witnessing the seamless coordination and teamwork among everyone is truly inspiring and makes our work environment truly exceptional.

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What is one of the biggest impacts you’ve made?

One of the most significant impacts I’ve made was during the 2022 financial year. It involved a Finalization project where my colleague Eddie and I collaborated closely to create a worksheet that resulted in saving our client approximately $60,000 in taxes. Witnessing the client’s response was truly rewarding. Not only were they elated by the substantial tax savings, but also by their responsible approach towards the money. Instead of impulsive spending it, the client expressed plans to invest and utilise the funds wisely. Knowing that our work had a positive and lasting effect on their financial well-being was incredibly fulfilling. It stands as one of the proudest accomplishments in my professional journey thus far.

What are some podcasts you recommend?

I thoroughly enjoy listening to podcasts, and there are a few that have captured my interest. One of my favourites is Ben’s podcast, Young Family Small Business Podcast, which actually played a part in my decision to pursue a position at Inspire. After listening to it, I was impressed by his expertise and felt a strong connection to the content. 

Additionally, “Stuff You Should Know” is another podcast I greatly appreciate. It covers a wide range of topics, allowing me to absorb a wealth of knowledge in a short span of time. It’s fascinating to learn about various subjects from this podcast. On a lighter note, I also indulge in humorous podcasts like “Hamish and Andy.” Their entertaining content never fails to bring a smile to my face. So, those are a few podcasts I enjoy, each catering to different interests and moods.

Which Sustainable Development Goal(s) do you choose and why?

Climate Action – For me, the most significant and pressing cause would undoubtedly be climate action. It serves as the focal point around which everything revolves. The notion of making our world more sustainable and prioritising conscientiousness in every aspect of life, particularly within major corporations, holds paramount importance to me. Climate action stands as the primary driver of my passions and advocacy.

No Poverty – Another cause that deeply resonates with me is the eradication of poverty. It holds significant importance, and I recently came across a thought-provoking podcast episode that explored the concept of wealthier nations alleviating the debts of smaller countries. This notion directly connects to the issue of poverty. The idea of redistributing wealth to ensure that children in Africa, for instance, do not go hungry unnecessarily is something I strongly believe in. Climate action and the fight against poverty are interconnected, as addressing climate change can contribute to reducing poverty levels. I find these two causes to be inherently linked and believe that they require more dedicated



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