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Regnier Guzman

Senior Accountant

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Bachelor of AccountingDiploma/Advanced Diploma in Accounting
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Meet Reggie

I’ve been with Inspire for 6 years and it has been an extraordinary experience. I honestly can’t see myself working somewhere else because the atmosphere is so unique. My work colleagues are the closest thing I have to family in terms of mindset as well as how you’re allowed to be yourself and you’re able to express yourself without limitation.

I have a number of friends that are business owners and I can see how much they struggle sometimes. Internally, I can feel super close to business owners, I feel empathetic for them in terms of how difficult it can be to not have someone there to support you and I understand how daunting it can be to have that wavering uncertainty above your head. This is a huge motivator for me to make a meaningful difference in others’ livelihoods.

Brisbane Accountant
Outside of Inspire

You can find me dancing salsa 6 days a week as I am an instructor and a member of a Salsa Performance Group. I picked up Salsa because It has a strong connection with Latin-American culture and I grew up listening to my dad playing salsa music. For me, it’s a way of staying connected to my family and my heritage.

You can also find me doing countless activities; I indulge in books, going to the movies and playing a variety of sports, my favourite being futsal.

Lately, I love to try my hand at playing musical instruments; Latin-American instruments to be precise. I enjoy playing the conga and bongo drums, and I’m currently learning how to play the saxophone – whenever I have the time to.

How did you get interested in accounting?

I studied accounting when I was in high school and learnt the basics. Accounting came quite easily to me – I got good grades as a student and never really struggled. I asked my mum for her opinion and she suggested accounting to me for my choice of tertiary study, and here I am today.

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What is your favourite thing about working at inspire?

The culture and the people I work with. Ben is amazing, probably the best boss I’ve ever had. I also like that we are very proactive and stay up to date with technology, systems, and we’re always open to change. It’s a great environment that facilitates fast learning and we all support each other with each other’s growth. You never feel alone at any point as there’s always someone who’s eager to offer their hand.

What is one of the biggest impacts you’ve made?

I had a major contribution in the systems that we’ve adopted here at Inspire. Our main systems that we use has a huge influence on our productivity and being able to be more efficient, have more control, and a better overview of what we have in our hands. My impact, I feel, had a direct correlation with Inspire’s output as well as rate of growth.

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What are some books or movies you recommend?

I’m currently enjoying a book called ‘Sapiens’ by Yuval Noah Harari. I’d also recommend ‘The Shadow of the Wind’ by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. A must watch Netflix series I’ve recently binged is “Black Mirror”.

Which Sustainable Development Goal(s) do you choose and why?

I’d have to choose climate action and quality education. Earth is home and we only have 1, so we shouldn’t take it for granted. Given the statistics, it’s something that we need to take immediate action towards. As for quality education, knowledge is the most important resource that a human being can have with enough knowledge, comes freedom.



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