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Meet Tey

Initially, I was a little reluctant or frightened, you could say. Internally, I felt as if I wasn’t ready for the responsibility after speaking with Roze, the Head of Marketing here. She explained everything to me and gave me a lot of confidence in my abilities and I am very glad that I came to this kind of company. I am starting to love my job and I’m very glad to be a part of the Inspire family now.

The best part is thinking about what design to create or really just getting in touch with my creativity. I really need to think a lot about what to put on our designs so that it can be unique and pleasing to our clients and audiences’ eyes, and I’ve really enjoyed that process.

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Outside of Inspire

Currently, I have the privilege to still live with my parents. Most of the time, I prefer to stay at home to watch Netflix. With regards to Netflix, I watch everything… such as Lucifer, Prison Break, Breaking Bad and Bridgerton to name a few.

During my other free time, I enjoy the simplicity of going out and just having a chat about life over a cup of coffee with some friends.Caramel macchiato is my go to coffee. Sometimes i travel within Negros island, the island I live on. I also love the beaches here and our mountain resorts.

How did you get interested in content creation?

Honestly, I hadn’t planned to do this type of work, however, curating content and editing photos has always been my hobby and a huge passion of mine, so the type of work I do with Inspire came very naturally to me.

I’m really enjoying what I do and the team I work with, it really feels as if I’ve found my true calling in my field of work, content creation.

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What is your favourite thing about working at inspire?

I love the entire process of creating a piece of content for either youtube or instagram, making sure it’s adequately edited and finally posting it on social media. Also joining meetings with Ben and the rest of the marketing team has been a wonderful new experience because I get to learn a lot every single day and Ii feel so blessed to be a part of Inspire, I love it so much.

What is one of the biggest impacts you’ve made?

I work very closely with our Head of Marketing, Roze. Since joining Inspire, I’ve started to become more in tune with my role and Roze has mentioned to me that I’ve made a big impact on the marketing team and giving them extra capacity to do more. It’s very fulfilling to know that my work allows the marketing team to spend more time on projects like podcasts and content creation so that our firm can thrive.

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What are some books you recommend?

My favourite book is ‘Capture Your Style’ by Aimee Song. When I started to read it, I spent all of my time at the bookshop reading it. The book teaches you about creating your instagram feed and photo & video editing which has now become my hobby.

Which Sustainable Development Goal(s) do you choose and why?

I would choose Quality education, because education remains with you forever. You can bring knowledge with you anywhere and it will help your perspective in life and you’ll start to look towards the brighter sides of what’s happening in the world.

Education can take you anywhere.


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