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Keiffer John Zapanta

Client Service Coordinator

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Meet Keiffer

A lot of good things came to me when I came to inspire as I am approaching my first month with the company. I can definitely see a different kind of opportunity to grow and hone my skills without having to worry about making mistakes. Our mistakes are criticised constructively and we’re encouraged to not worry about mistakes at all.

Here at inspire, you’re guided, praised and celebrated. I would say that this company has been the first place I’ve genuinely felt the essence of having a team and being a part of it.

This type of work is very new to me. Here in the Philippines we’re usually hired in any position and the scope of our role is specific to that position, whereas working with Inspire, we don’t have any boundaries set on our roles. It’s really great, it’s a fresh opportunity and Angela and Sequoia have been amazing leaders for me.

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Outside of Inspire

Outside of Inspire, on week days, I stay in a dormitory which is 8 blocks away from the office. On weekends, I always take the chance to be at home with my family. Though my home is an hour’s commute away, I still always want to be with my family on weekends. I like to explore new places and discover good food around our region and always share those experiences with friends whenever I get the chance.

Going to church every Sunday has been a significant part of my life too. Sometimes I’m given the opportunity to lead worship songs and it’s really gratifying.

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How did you get interested in client services & virtual assistance?

I was interested the moment I heard about the company, even just the name intrigued me. My past experience as an accounting clerk has taught me a lot which has developed my skills for this role. I had graduated in accounting so having to work in an accounting work environment is really what I’m looking forward to and its also a great opportunity to discover some new beginnings.

What is your favourite thing about working at inspire?

My favourite thing about working at Inspire would be the flexibility I have with the hours given that Australia is 2 hrs ahead of the Philippines. I love the company’s culture, I’m really enjoy working with everyone and I feel as if Inspire is a great fit for my personality and values. I can really connect with the inspire mission statement and the purpose of the work that we do.

What is one of the biggest impacts you’ve made?

I feel like one of the biggest impacts that Rhody and I have made is that we’ve been able to lessen the workload of our managers, Angela and Sequoia. As a result of our work, they can do a lot more work that they otherwise couldn’t have fulfilled with their given capacity. Rhody and I are very much looking forward to learn more from our managers/mentors.

I really respect their advice and really take their words to heart. It makes me happy that they appreciate my work as well.

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What are some book you recommend?

I would highly recommend ‘Verity by Colleen Hoover’. My college friend suggested that I read it. Whenever I had time, I took the chance to really get into that book. Though I don’t read many books, verity had a great impression on me.

Which Sustainable Development Goal(s) do you choose and why?

I would choose Quality Education, it’s really not a hard decision for me. Having a proper education is equivalent to a life skill which can really be applied wherever you go; it will also open many doors and future job opportunities.


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