Fletcher Cunningham

Junior Accountant

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Bachelor of Business majoring in AccountingBachelor of Information Technology
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Meet Fletcher

I’ve just begun my journey at Inspire and Initially started as an intern whilst finishing my study, and now I’m in a full-time role. My Intern experience was great as there was an abundance of support along the way. As I transitioned into full-time work, it’s nice to have a consistent routine. I’m so eager to learn more and take on much more work and responsibility.

The work is very fulfilling, especially getting from start to end in a task. Now that I actually understand the scope of my role, I feel much more capable and valuable to the company. After completing my degree, I only had theoretical understanding and it’s so fulfilling to have gained some exposure to practical experience.

Outside of Inspire

I love enjoying time with my amazing partner Steph. Lately, we’ve been enjoying some gaming together and have come to really enjoy the football inspired game ‘rocket league’. When I have the time, I enjoy some light reading to get away from technology. More-so, I just really enjoy the process of finding something to learn.

I definitely try to travel quite a bit, every chance I get. You can find me spending a lot of time chilling, going to restaurants and just getting away. I love the disconnect from daily work life. I also try to take my time when traveling to absorb everything; I’ve adopted a no obligation, go at your own pace type of mentality.

How did you get interested in accounting?

Initially, my mum suggested accounting to me and once I started learning it, I realised how valuable it is in business. Business has always intrigued me as well as how much of an impact they can have when they work efficiently. I love the investing side of business such as financial markets and accounting has been perfect for me to stay in touch with my passion.

What is your favourite thing about working at inspire?

The people. It’s such a close-knit team here and everyone is so unique and special. The team is super understanding of each other and they understand that having a bad day is totally fine, as long as you bounce right back. Ben’s always looking out for the team and trying to help where he can, and his assistance has been instrumental in my smooth transition from part-time to full-time work here.

What is one of the biggest impacts you’ve made?

Definitely with regards to tax planning, just being able to take the load off my Senior Accountant, Gulshan, and assisting him with the delivery and finalisation of tax planning. I’m proud to have been a pivotal part of someone I respect and admire; and to make his time at work easier is a privilege.

What are some shows you recommend?

Definitely Game of Thrones, I jumped on the bandwagon very early on and found myself hooked.

Which Sustainable Development Goal(s) do you choose and why?

I would choose Quality education and climate action. Quality education is extremely important for anything in life and I, myself, value education. It’s taken me to where I am today and as for climate action, I believe that it’s the obligation of mankind to preserve the world for future generations.



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