In this episode of the Young Family Small Business Podcast, Ben talked to Brendan Gibson of Anspired – Protective IT Solutions.

For over 20 years, Brendan has been working in the technology space and has worked with IT Business owners to gain their efficiencies.

He has got a comprehensive understanding of all things tech and a passion for ensuring your business’s IT Infrastructure that is running to the best of its ability and finding the right solutions for your tech issues.

Brendan also looks at cyber security and cyber risks.

Tune in to hear Ben and Brendan talk about knowing the potential risks for your business such as attacks on big organisations, data leakage, the dark web that comes with different styles of attacks, and some fixes you can do (e.g. multi-factor authentication).

Aside from the Cybersecurity topics, Brendan also shares his journey of growing his business and his relationship with his wife – Louise.

In this episode, Ben Walker interviews one of the Senior Accountants from Inspire, Karan Khandelwal. Karan is a Tax, Stock Market, Crypto and Web3 enthusiast. He has helped multiple business owners at Inspire through various stages in their business from startup to growth, and a million dollar exits. 

Karan joined Inspire in July 2020 and he’s super passionate about helping business owners achieve financial freedom and excited to disrupt the accounting industry. 

He works with 45 business clients and is still growing with a turnover range from half a million dollars through to $10 million. Those industries vary from medical practitioners, e-commerce, health and allied health services, construction, retail, consulting and to name a few. 

Tune in to hear Ben and Karan talk about his 3 success stories, particularly taking a client from the verge of bankruptcy through to paying off huge chunks of debt and is now cash flow positive.

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In this episode, Ben interviews the Quality Assurance of Inspire, Ali Alajmi. Ali is in his 6th year with Inspire and it has been unbelievable growth for him since he joined. Ben walker threw him into the deep end, exceeded expectations, and grew his own client base. His current role is Quality Assurance and a reviewer for all jobs that get finalised at Inspire. There’s been a massive benefit to the rest of the team to have someone dedicated to this role. 

Tune in to hear Ben and Ali talk about what life was growing and what life looked like growing up in Bahrain, the benefits of having a QA role in Inspire, and the process on how to implement a dedicated technical reviewer or QA in your business.

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In this episode, Ben Walker interviews the Marketing & Partnerships Manager of Inspire Accountants, Roze Ferrer.

Roze joined Inspire in 2019 and she can confidently say that the past three years have been the most significant growth in her career and personal development. Her primary focus is not just the figures of the business, but its legacy – creating generational wealth and always prioritising family, which for people that know her, is her highest value in life.

Tune in to hear Ben and Roze talk about the overview of Inspire’s own marketing strategy, and some tips on how she spends some present time with her partner.

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In this episode, Ben Walker interviews the Senior Manager of Inspire Accountants, Gulshan Gupta. Gulshan started working at the firm in 2018 as a Bookkeeping Intern. Fast forward 3 years he is now a Senior Manager, part of the Sales team, and a Mentor to our wider team. Tune in to hear Ben and Gulshan talk about his journey moving from India to Australia, Client success stories, how he became interested in property as a student, and getting nominated for the Property Specalist of the Year award at the 2022 Australian Accounting Awards.

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In this episode, Ben Walker interviews the Managing Director of Employee Matters, Natasha Hawker. Natasha is a leader in the Australian HR space – as well as a sought-after speaker, author, podcaster and media commentator. 

Natasha’s book “From Hire to Fire & Everything In Between” is an Amazon best seller and Natasha has helped Hire, Manage and Exit thousands of employees, for businesses around the world, over the last twenty plus years. Natasha leads the Employee Matters Group in helping business owners with their people-management and has turned her attention, of late, to mentoring and advising business owners. She has also recently graduated from the Australian Company Directors course. 

Tune in to hear Natasha and Ben talk in the context of what’s taken place over the last two years in HR space, the concept of discretionary effort, and also some personal tips from her about working with your spouse in a business, involving the kids, and what that means for the children as well in the business.

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In this episode, Ben Walker interviews the Founder & Executive Director of HealthTechX, Yianni Serpanos. Yianni is a passionate and motivated digital health innovator wanting to make a difference to the world by helping modernise and transform healthcare with HealthTech & cultural innovation. 

He is building and leading a co-created and co-designed digital health innovation/ education & start up community toward a Vision of a world of integrated digital health empowerment for all people. For the last 10 years, He’s been growing an Allied Health patient & practice management software called with a mission to connect, help and grow Allied Healthcare providers across Australia using their unique Digital Health connected network approach. 

Yianni also produces and hosts the Reimagining Healthcare podcast for innovative Healthcare Providers, Advisers, HealthTech Developers and Investors to share ideas, insights & experiences for Reimagining Healthcare. Tune in to hear Yianni share about his business journey and the reason why he started a business around healthcare.

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In this episode, Ben Walker interviews world-renowned business coach and the Founder of Abundance Global, Dr David Dugan. He’s a co-author of “Bullet Proof Business”, a high-performance mentor and keynote speaker with over 16 years of experience. He served in the Navy as a Commander and was awarded the Humanitarian Overseas Medal for his work during the 2004 Tsunami. 

His innate desire to serve led him to be the founder of ‘Abundance Global’ which supports small and medium business and entrepreneurs from around the world. Tune in to hear Dr Dugan & Ben Walker speak about the difference between balance and harmony with your business and your family life, and turning your time into team, and chaos into clarity.

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In this episode, Ben Walker interviews Financial Adviser and the founder of Pivot Wealth, Ben Nash. Ben helps people invest smarter so they can create a life not limited by money. He has a focus on helping people make smart money decisions so they can live the lifestyle they want today while they set up their future. Ben knows that taking action is what’s needed to get better money results, but first you need to know the rules of the game. 

In Ben’s content he draws on practical experience from working with thousands of people to deliver simple, tried and tested money strategies that actually work, delivered in an easy-to-understand way. Ben is also the Author of the Amazon Best Selling Book ‘Get Unstuck: Your guide to creating a life not limited by money’, and the host of the ‘How to be Successful with Money Podcast’. 

Tune in to hear Ben talk about the reasons why he said no to a massive partnership opportunity with big financial upside, why education plays a huge part of the advice process for him, and Pivot Wealth tips for business owners on growing their wealth and the challenges of a fast-growing business that he shared over the last two years growing his team.

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In this special episode of the ‘Young Family, Small Business’ Podcast, Ben Walker & Rizal Ramzan gave a quick overview of The Federal Budget delivered by Treasurer Josh Frydenberg last Tuesday, 29th of March 2022. Tune in to hear the impact of the budget means for the Small Business Owners, Investors, and Self Managed Super Funds.

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