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Bucket List – Build your shared vision with your spouse and plan for your family.  The bucket list will help align you as a family, as you work towards common goals.

Budget Template – To create wealth, you need to live within your means. It doesn’t mean you need to live skint – you can still enjoy yourself today, while saving for your future. Use a simple household budget that runs on autopilot

Wealth Portal Access – Take control of your finances with a personal wealth portal. Set yourself up for success with the portal’s powerful organisation, analytics, and collaboration tools.

Insurance Review  Help and create security for your family by having a backup plan in place. It simply starts by asking yourself (in an almost morbid way) what could do wrong?

  • “What if I got sick and couldn’t work for months?”
  • “What if I passed away?”
  • “What if I got diagnosed with cancer and needed urgent, expensive treatment”?
We work with insurance advisors who can help protect your income, against health incidents and life insurance.
Disclaimer: Inspire and Ben Walker are not lawyers and financial advisers, and are not providing advice. 

Wills & Estate Planning –  About 60% of Australians die without a Will.  Don’t leave your affairs in a mess for your loved ones, or decisions up to the government.


Setting up an SMSF – Superannuation is a great way to build your long term wealth. While a Self Managed Super Fund is a significant administration burden, done well, they can give you the ability to accelerate your wealth. Business owners can also use their super fund in tandem with their business too. 

Something you can do wth an SMSF:

  • Buy commercial or residential property
  • Become your own bank
  • Invest in private companies
  • Develop property
  • Grow wealth in a legal tax “haven”

Make wise investment decisions – Make sure you’re shifting your excess cash into an investment strategy that is building your wealth.

Property Plan – There’s a number of advantages of including property in your investment strategy.  

  • Some advantages that come to mind are:
    • You get access to tax benefits, such as: 
    • claiming depreciation;
    • negative gearing
    • capital gains exemption – 6 year rule
  • The banks will lend you money to purchase it, leveraging other people’s money and getting better return on yours
  • You can touch and feel it
  • Less exposed to stock market volatility
  • Set up right, can help you pay down your own home loan
  • You can live in it if you wanted to or need to

Disclaimer: Inspire and Ben Walker are not lawyers and financial advisers, and are not providing advice.

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Written by:


Author, Award Winning Chartered Accountant and Founder of Inspire - Life Changing Accountants
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Ben Walker is a Chartered Accountant with over a decade of experience. He is the founder and CEO of Inspire and co-author of Cashed Up: The 7 Steps Method of Pulling More Money, Time and Happiness from Your Business. Ben is the host of the Young Family, Small Business podcast, and the winner of coveted Anthill Online ‘30under30’ award for 2014 and was named a finalist in the Brisbane Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.


  • Started inspire at 23
  • Award winning Chartered Accountant
  • 13 years accounting experience
  • Co-Authored 'Cashed Up'
  • Helped save clients over $18M in tax (and counting)
  • Given $18M days of impact to families in need

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Inspire is on a mission to become Australia's Most Impactful Accounting firm.

We're well known for proactively saving our 6 & 7 figure business clients over $17 million in tax and giving 17 million days of life changing help to end extreme global poverty to families in need, across 16 countries.
  • Author of CASHED UP. 7 Steps to pull more money, time, and happiness from your business.
  • Top 100 Companies in Australia (2017 & 2018).
  • Accountants for Good – for every dollar of tax saved, Inspire gives a days access to food, water, health, and sanitation to help end global poverty.
  • Trusted advisors to hundreds of 6 & 7 figure business owners across Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & South Australia.


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