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WEDNESDAY 8th JUNE, 5:30pm – 8pm 

Co-Founder of Australia’s 9th fastest growing company shares his rare insights into finding your competitive advantage.


Inspiring Business Event with Glen Carlson of Dent Global – June 8, 5:30 pm $50 (Charity)


If you’re in business and you want to make a big dent in the universe, you’ve probably asked yourself the following questions recently –

  • How do I make the competition irrelevant?
  • How do I deliver even more value to my clients, generating more impact and more profit for everyone?  
  • How do I get people lining up to do business with me?

So we reached out to what I call the ‘guru of influence’.  His name is Glen Carlson.  

He’s been a mentor and aspirational person that Ben and I have shadowed for a long time.  If you’ve ever read OVERSUBSCRIBED, Become a Key Person of Influence or listened to the Dent Podcast, you’ll know I’m talking about the co-founder of Australia’s 9th fastest growing company Dent Global.

Glen is a wealth of knowledge in the space of becoming a Key Person of Influence, and while he is well known for running a team of 40 in 12 time zones, you may not know he’s originally from the sunny coast.

Glen has agreed to come share his rare insights at our next Inspiring Business Event.

We’ve asked him to go deep on these 5 key elements of influence:

Pitching – Capturing the attention of your ideal customers, team, partners and investors.

Publishing – Developing content that builds authority at scale so you can charge a premium.

Products – Turning a service business into a product business that drives profit & removes you from delivery.

Profile – Personal Branding without the shameless self promotion.

Partnerships – Generating 10x inbound opportunities without advertising.

We can’t wait to introduce you to Glen, and 65 of the  growing Inspiring Business Community.


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