Stop Wasting Time On $25 An Hour Tasks

Stop Wasting Time On $25 An Hour Tasks - Element

On a recent webinar, we had the pleasure of hosting Sean Soole on the topic, “Transitioning from Stagnation to Empowerment in Your Business.”

Here’s what he said – 

My favourite thing is to stop doing $25-an-hour tasks. And for those of you who rely on notifications, consider giving them a little break. Trust me, they can be a $25-an-hour distraction. Whether it’s your phone, computer, or any other device chiming in, those constant dings and buzzes have a way of pulling you away from the important stuff. So, think about switching off those alerts for a while and regain your focus. We should only use notifications for their intended purpose, which is to serve as tools that enhance our task-execution abilities.

There are a few people that I’ve come across, who have the time, but not enough money yet. And that’s great because you’ve got the time to invest in other things that can produce the money. 

One of the issues people often face is that they don’t have any time and don’t have any money. That’s the worst scenario that you can be in. You’ve built this machine that you need to keep running, but it’s not producing enough money for you. That tipping point is where we need to apply some of the lessons such as stepping away from $25 an hour of work and doing the stuff that’s worth $500 an hour or more. What strategically could you do if you had more time?

If you’re keen to explore changing accountants, we have a non-obligation process to do that. The first step is booking a strategy call with one of our accounting team. It’s a free 20-minute zoom or phone call where you get to meet us to manage your questions. 

From that point, you can consider doing a “Look Under The Hood” with us. There is no obligation to change accountants, but we give you a second opinion if you’re paying too much tax. 

Throughout that process, we can identify any problems we see with your current setup. Anything that your current accountant hasn’t claimed, or tax you may have overpaid, and strategies of how we might fix that going forward. We can run through with you once you book with us. 

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