Adelaide – 30 May

Adelaide – 30 May

Adelaide – 30 May

Adelaide – 30 May

Adelaide – 30 May


They’ll be sharing the advanced strategies that have had the biggest impact on inspire saving more than $28M in tax for their clients (and counting).

  • Key steps to pay the least amount of tax (legally) on business profit and investments
  • How to leverage your superannuation for property development or acquisition
  • How to ‘Cap’ your tax rate and get the most out of your Bucket Company

It’s perfect for business owners who have made the most of the trading conditions we’ve had over the past few years, and are facing tax problems.




Perfect if you’re making good profit – but wanting to double down on your financial knowledge to ensure you’re maximising profit and cash.

  • Learn what numbers smart business owners monitor each month
  • Key cash flow levers to boost your bank balance
  • Best Practice Bookkeeping Tips to make sure you’re not flying blind

Why do you need a property tax accountant

It’s important to find the right property tax accountant that has a strong focus on making sure that you understand the numbers that grow your wealth.  At Inspire, some of our key numbers to focus on are:

  • Debt to equity ratio to ensure that the banks are satisfied with covenants

  • Amount of working capital for interest repayments, expenses and unexpected cash outflows

  • Net rental return percentage to benchmark your properties

  • Minimising the number of days that the properties are untenanted

  • Negative gearing effect on taxable income

How can a property tax accountant help with your investments

As your property tax accountant, we can help you in a number of ways by:
  • Performing financial forecasting on transactions before they’re purchased
  • Setting up cloud software that makes reporting for property investment a dream
  • Ensuring that the property is owned in the correct structure
  • Setting up appropriate structures of trusts and other entities to hold the properties
  • Accounting and record keeping for the properties
  • Setting up and running a self managed super fund to hold the properties
Property Tax Accountants

Free educational content to help you on your next property investment 

We have an abundance of free educational content to help support you in your property journey. 


Funding Property Development

How to buy your office, warehouse or clinic using your superfund

Structuring Property Development in Trust, Companies and SMSF



The Property Masterclass is an event that we host three times a year exclusively for our clients where we take them through their journey in property investment. We talk about:

  • What makes a good property investment from a tax perspective 
  • Case studies on the Founder of Inspire – Ben Walker and his property purchases over the years. 
  • Debt Recycling strategy where we use our investment properties to pay off our own home loans. 
  • Update on the current real estate market. We work with experts who can share what’s happening in the last few months, trends, and show which areas are better to invest in at that time. 

It’s an amazing opportunity to get an overview from three different advisors and to put a strategy in place for you and your family.  If you’re looking to get some help with a Property Tax Accountant in your investment journey please book in a complimentary strategy chat (phone call or a zoom meeting). We can look at how you are reporting your numbers, check if it’s in the correct structure or if you need help with performing financial forecasting before your purchase

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