How to convert website traffic into leads?

Website traffic into leads

Have a compelling offer

This is your chance to stand out from the crowd. Offer something your competitors are not. If you sell products, offer a free demonstration OR show them a video of how your existing clients use the product. Bear in mind that, you do not have to offer a discount to have a compelling offer.

Make contacting you easy & flexible

Some prospects prefer calling than submitting a request form and waiting a few business days. Others, prefer the online approach and for those, we recommend using the Facebook messenger or another chat option so you can quickly get back to them. As always, make these options easy to spot on your website.

Ensure your prospects can easily find what services or products you offer

Ask a non-biased friend, family member or a stranger to give honest feedback in regards to your website. Their task should be to go on your website and within the first 20-30 seconds, be able to tell you exactly what you offer.

To price or not price (your service or product)

This will depend on whether your price is competitive in the market or not. Some businesses might lose customers purely because of the price without really hearing a pitch or knowing the value of your product/service. If you are focusing on volume and competitive pricing, then opt to list your price. However, if your goal is to attract quality customers who will pay premium prices for a great service, then opt for either a price range OR simply do not list any pricing.

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