Simple Tweaks To Your Business Can Have A Massive Financial Impact

On a recent webinar, Inspire’s Chartered Accountant, Rizal Ramzan shared his story on simple tweaks he made for our clients that have made a massive financial impact.

Here’s what he said –

I want to share a story with our Emergency Assistance Meetings – we did quite a few of them back in April, May and June. We’ve had clients that actually had the opportunity to have a deep dive on their business as well as seeing what they can do to trim the fat (unnecessary expenses.) And interestingly enough, that exercise taught them that there’s actually quite a lot of wiggle room in terms of just doing little things to increase profitability of their business, and keeping more cash on hand and how to manage cashflow.

We’ve seen clients talking the same language now and even using the forecast that we use to get them across the bridge to actually run their business.

It is actually an interesting process. Even if you’re not sure, it’s a process that you can go through to learn more about how to lift up that profitability and see how those numbers really play out. If you tweak one or two things, you can see a massive impact to your business.

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