Zero Excuses: 4 Reasons Xero Rocks Your Business World

You and Henry Ford have some common characteristics. Both entrepreneurs. Both growth oriented. Both focused on systems and processes that enable your  business to scale and grow.

Ford achieved it with his production line approach to building Model-T Fords.

Your business can achieve it with Xero.

You see, Xero is actually about more than accounting. It is a platform for building efficient business processes. Processes that make it easier to manage, control and grow your business.

Processes that make it easier for you to make business decisions, look after your clients or customers and, frankly, to sleep at night.

We are massive fans of Xero. We use it in our own business and we help our business clients implement Xero and the various Xero Addon software integrations that streamline business processes.

We are such big believers in Xero, we feel that once a business truly understands the power of moving their accounting, CRM and other processes to the cloud, there are no excuses for not implementing Xero.

Feedback from our clients has been further fuelling our enthusiasm for Xero as a fundamental tool that businesses should implement. Clients who we’ve implemented Xero with typically report back that they save 2 to 3 hours a week on administration tasks.

2 to 3 hours every week. Your time. Your staff time. Freed up.

What can you do with an extra 2 to 3 hours a week? (100 to 150 hours a year!)

Have more time to work ON your business. Have more time to BE with your family. Have more TIME OFF, away from your business.

The choice is yours, and will depend on the stage of your business’ development.

Here are just 4 ways (there are more) that Xero helps grow and scale your business

1. Xero helps eliminate low-value time-wasting tasks

XERO saves you a lot of time by automating tasks such as:

  • importing bank statements
  • guessing which account your common expenses go
  • reconciling your money coming in with your outstanding invoices.

They’ve also put a lot of thought into making the system easy to use. The time you save using XERO compared to MYOB and Quickbooks means the software will pay for itself in no time at all.

2. Xero integrates with mind-blowing software apps

XERO has formed strategic partnerships with other software providers (or “add-on partners” as they call them). This means XERO will integrate with your CRM, workflow manager, payment gateway and other solutions.

This means you can have a simpler business to manage, with apps and data updating themselves, across systems. Apart from the time-saving aspects, it also improves quality, reduces errors and speeds up your processes.

We’ve kept up-to-speed with the Xero’s major add-on partners such as WorkflowMax, Vend, Unleashed, GeoOP, ReceiptBank and others. We’re confident we can identify a vertical solution for pretty much any industry.

So we should talk.

3. Xero makes collaboration easy

With Xero’s collaboration feature you can have multiple advisers and employees working from your one, master always-up-to-date Xero file. This means that in our role as accountants and business advisors, we can help our clients in real-time to work through any issues they may have. No need to wait for data to be updated, files to be sent, imported, and so on. Those days are over.

Real-time accounting via Xero also lets us do things like monitor our clients for accountability if they haven’t reached a certain revenue target. This helps us do what lights our fire: Help our clients focus on the future and achieving goals, not just reporting on last quarter, last year.

On the employee side, your team members can use Xero and addon apps to prepare their timesheets online, which then pushes information through to the fully-integrated payroll system.  This makes payroll a dream—especially if you’ve ever experienced payroll done by Excel spreadsheets. This is reason enough to use Xero, if you do pay runs.

4. Xero helps you make faster, better business decisions

As an entrepreneur, you need relevant, real-time and accurate data to make decisions. Businesses often shoot from the hip, making decisions without the appropriate data to base them on.

Using Xero you will feel more control of your business than you ever have before. You’ll even be able to see how it’s tracking, in real-time from your phone or tablet device. This gives you transparency on the real performance of your business, which equals peace of mind. To us, this is another feature of Xero that on its own is reason enough to make the switch from MYOB or QuickBooks or any other system.

These are just a handful of the many reasons it makes sense to switch to Xero.

But just as Ford’s Model-T Ford evolved over time, so is Xero evolving and getting better with each new release (which you never need to install, by the way, being cloud-based software).

If you’re serious about scaling up your business and getting better insights and control on its performance, get in touch and let’s make a time to step you through those aspects of Xero that apply most to your business and industry.

We look forward to rocking your world with Xero.

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