YFSB Interview

What is your business?

MyCladders does transportable buildings; colour bond roofing metal roofs, wall cladding

we put on roofs and gutters and help builders build roves.

What was your reasoning to start up your company?

I am accountable to myself. I have the ability to give someone a full time job.

What makes you a good husband?

It’s about the level of commitment between husband and wife. Find a balance between business and family. To be a good husband means to be well balanced.

What makes you a good father?

To be a good father it requires discipline with your child and selves as a married couple. We are the biggest role model in our son’s life. When you say you will do something you have to then follow through. If I’m not a good husband then I wont be a good father. It’s about discipline and balance of time.

What is your one piece of advice to manage both worlds Business & Family?

I personally try to switch off at 5pm from the business. now it’s family time, away from work time. The office is currently at home, it wont be for long, what’s hard with the office being at home is it is easy to get swept back into and it and it can continue. I need to switch off, having a designated time to switch off so i can contribute to the running of the house hold.

I look for the little wins with both family and business to bring balance, you really need this! It’s important to know how to switch off and to be fully present. Its a family soul business, that means

I bring a lot of the business into the family in relation to the people in the business are friends outside of the business. I make it really clear that Business is business and personal is personal. This helps them see that their boss is a human being and helps with the balance!

It’s ongoing. You cant be stand with your feet in concrete cause thats when it will all fall apart!

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