YFSB Interview


I started my own business in 2012 (3 years ago)

I left a much larger corporation owning 50% of the company to take the plunge.

Wife: Emma.

4 kids, (2 under 2years old). Isabella,Tate, Quinn, Enya

What is your business and what do you focus on?

Building and creative design-  innovation for entertainment through Law.

The two things that differentiates us from other lawyers is speciality and focus – We focus on industry within the entertainment spectrum; musicians, film, builders of wealth, business- what drives them. We understand the way these people think, talk, breath, what makes them click.  We focus specifically on, immigration of media, leaders within this field in the country.

What has been the biggest change going from corporate to small business?

Which is more stressful?

I am everything in my business.. You don’t have access to that administration, marketing director, 2 salary partner, grounds clerk when you run your own small business. In big companies there is plenty of leverage that can be done. The stress’s and pressures are different between each. It’s by no means easier in a small firm just different (every call’s mine, my balls are on the line, my kids eating is on the line.)

One of the things I notices is stamps are 60c. I am now licking my own stamps for the first time in years!.

When I was working in corporate Law I employed my wife to be part of the team and saw a huge turn around in the business. – It was hard having my wife work for me but it was the best decision as it helped me be able to transition out of that company cause it wasn’t the right fit for me. My wife then wanted to come over to help me with my new business and thats how it happened.

How are you a good husband?

To be a good husband honesty is the key.

We have worked out a routine that has been very helpful. Dad is the point of call when he is home from work.

My wife needs extra time support especially when it comes to feeding and when you have extra kids the kitchen isn’t always the cleanest every day. Its not as simple as hiring nanny’s especially when you are a start up, so to speak, or in a young business.

It’s about balancing the family, Being around to be with kids.

I take Bella to school 3 days a week and I am always home to put the kids to bed.

We are not a 9-5 office. Getting home is important so 1-2 days a week I work though the night to have flexibility with the other days.

It’s not about working for working sake but it all about making room to be able to be flexible!

What where some of the things you did to keep the business ticking while you had 2 kids under the age of 2 when you started your business?

The right staff – actively small.

Everyone says ‘we are growing’ but we measure our growth strategy by how many staples are in the office.  It’s about having the right staff and being clear with the work that you are going to take on, so we don’t just take walk ins off the street. we focus on a particular industry.

We don’t just put people on as staff for the sake of it. I prefer to have a 3rd of the output in the business in keeping 100% of the quality over that period of time rather than having twice the output half the quality cause thats a short term look. it has an effect on the bottom line but its a choice that we make. We focus on quality through well thought out staff members. quality rather than  quantity, getting things done well!

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