Winter Is The Season Where Millionaires Are Made

The right strategy at the wrong time is the wrong strategy. 

You need to know what season we are in. Economically, you’ve got it wrong. There are only one or two people that actually get it right. Where are we right now? We’ve had a downturn and uptick. There’s a growth wave and this is normal.  So we are absolutely in winter and moving more into winter.

Fortunately in this country in Australia, we haven’t been harboured. We’ve been harboured or sheltered from a lot of drama that’s going on so we haven’t had as big a dip. But this year, the rest of this year is still going to be funky. There is still going to be things that are going to happen. And as we turn and the market will turn around December this year, we’re going to have one of the greatest bull runs in our lifetime, if not the greatest, through to 2026, 2027. We have this window of opportunity to play your cards right.

The decisions you make today, the things you literally make today, are going to make a massive difference to your future. The way you play your cards right now, it’s a season of winter, you should be doing winter activities, not spring and not summer. If you do that, you’ll run out of cash, you’ll be doing the right strategy at the wrong time and you’re going to miss the boat. And you’re going to go, “Oh, I could’ve, should’ve, would’ve.” 

Has anyone else ever felt that they had imposter syndrome? 

The only people that don’t have imposter syndrome are imposters. So whatever mindset issue or whatever story it is, Now is the time to get over it and just do the work that you need to. Because the next sprint, between now and December this year, are absolutely vital in the life of your business. 

You play your cards right and you’ll create intergenerational wealth for your business, for your family, and those other people around you. So I want to encourage you to bring this high degree of urgency to everything you do. I want to give you a pathway that you can move out and keep in mind that more millionaires are made in the season of winter than any other season. It’s the people that play their cards right now will reap the rewards later.

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