Why Your Business Needs Professional Photos

We recently invited Jon Hollenberg founder of Five by Five on the webinar topic ‘How to create a kickass website (that actually works) Here’s what he said why your business needs professional photos –

What does your premises, office, or team look like? What is the process that you’ll run through from a new client engagement process? How do you deliver your product? What is the experience? How do you make people feel at the end of the day?

A lot of these can be interpreted through visuals.

Fivebyfive does this for a lot of clients. We go onsite and we partner with amazing photographers. There’s a business out of Western Sydney, they manufacture a small factory and they make bushfire shutters and screens. What this is doing is basically a tonne of visual imagery in and around their products, the teams, the process, and the manufacturing. It’s all locally supported, sourced, and supplied, engineered, and assembled all here in Australia. 

The imagery is sort of simulating what is the client experience and what is the client journey look like if someone’s to come out, do a measure, quote and all that sort of stuff. Having 150 photos is super valuable because they can be scattered through your website and can be used on social media. They can be used on your marketing documents, in and able. And for the investment of $1,000 or $1,500 or whatever a shoot costs, it’s just a no-brainer. 

We get so many people who are like, “I don’t want to do it, don’t want to make myself the hero,” and they’re still using stock photos and all that sort of stuff. And this sort of plays into this: You too are the brand. Whether you know it or not or whether you like it or not, you are the brand. What you’re putting up on social media, your profile picture, and all that sort of stuff, people are judging you.

Watch the webinar replay, ‘How To Create A Kickass Website That Actually Works’ on our Facebook Page.  or Book a FREE Strategy Call with an Inspire Accountant today.

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