Why use a Chartered Accountant?

We are frequently asked what the difference is between an ‘Accountant’ and ‘Chartered Accountant’.

This article aims to give you an insight to the differences between an ‘Accountant’ and a ‘Chartered Accountant’, along with why we have chosen to align ourselves with the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia (“ICAA”).

Differences between an accountant and a Chartered Accountant:

In summary:

  • A Chartered Accountant or “CA” is a member of the ICAA
  • A CA has completed a university degree, along with the CA Program to earn this membership
  • The CA Program consists of three years mentored practical experience, together with a rigorous study component
  • The use of ‘Chartered Accountant’ in Australia is restricted to members of the ICAA
  • We have chosen to be aligned with the ICAA for the highest level of accountability, excellence and confidence in the industry
  • See the ICAA’s article on the same question here

Institute of Chartered Accountants

The Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia is the professional body for Chartered Accountants in Australia and those members working abroad.

The ICAA represents more than 72,000 current and future professionals and business leaders and is a big player in upholding the financial integrity of our society.

Members strive to uphold the accounting profession’s commitment to ethics and quality in everything they do, alongside an unwavering dedication to act in the public interest.

To become a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia, accounting professionals are required complete the ‘Chartered Accountants Program’.  This program includes both a study component (Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting) and a minimum three years of practical experience, mentored by a Chartered Accountant – in addition to their university studies.

The Chartered Accountants Program, currently preferred by the “Big Four” accounting firms, is a rigorous pathway designed to test the accounting graduate.  The program provides candidates with industry leading training and knowledge, designed to set them ahead of the pack.

As a firm belonging to the Institute of Chartered Accountants, we are subject to these various membership, training and professional obligations.  We have chosen to align ourselves with the ICAA as it is our opinion that it provides us with the highest level of accountability, excellence and confidence in the industry.

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