Why Every Business Needs A War Chest

We strongly recommend that every business has a war chest –  there’s many authors, business writers and even personal finance writers who suggest something like this as well. A war chest is basically an emergency fund, where you’ve got – for example – three months’ worth of your business’s recurring expenses in cash, just sitting there ready to go. We call this your war chest, or your rainy day fund – there’s so many names for it. It’s basically peace of mind to know that even if you had to shut the doors and there was no stimulus, and there was no revenue from clients (which is a pretty bad position, right? When we’ve got such a digital world, it’s a pretty unlikely situation) but you’ve still got your own self-funded insurance policy sitting there in a bank account. 

Our recommendation to clients is work out what your monthly recurring expenses are (including your own salary, so you’ve got food to put on the table) and start saving towards having three months of that ready. Not everyone does that, but we’ve been saying that for years now. I’m certain, nowhere near all of our clients have done that. 

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