Which Employees Are Eligible For the JobMaker Hiring Credit?

Eligibility Criteria:

  • It needs to be within one year of the relevant age ranges in their first year of employment. So they need to be in the age range.
  • Have worked at least 20 hours paid per week, on average for the full weeks they are employed.
  • Have commenced their employment between 7th of October 2020 and the 6th of October, 2021. It’s basically available for a year and it’s the employee start date plus 12 months for when you get your subsidy.
  • Have received the JobKeeper payment, youth allowance or parenting payment for at least one month within the past three months before they were hired. Now this is the key one and this is going to be kind of tough. You can’t just hire anyone for this to be eligible. Let’s say someone who works in tourism or hospitality ended up losing their jobs. They’re on JobSeeker, looking for another job, you hire them. That ticks the box.
  • And, they need to be employed on a permanent, casual or fixed term basis. But again, keep in mind, at least 20 hours a week, on average.

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