What You Must Know About CapEx

We recently invited Scott McGregor, Commercial Broker at Mortar Finance to a webinar on the topic, ‘Funding Your Next Business Acquisition.’ 

Here’s what he said –

It is important to understand when you are buying a business that there is often a purchase price. You might have to buy some stock, but if that business has a high level of core trading or working assets in their machinery-type equipment, it is important to understand the useful life of those assets and where they currently sit within that useful life. Because, if in 6 months time you have to replace half of your plant and equipment, you need to be able to forecast and budget for that, and also understand whether you can finance that.

It is important to understand what operating assets are in that business and what future requirements you may have around those assets to ensure that when you approach a bank at the start, you can get appropriate finance for any future requirements around that.

Watch the full webinar, ‘Funding Your Next Business Acquisition’ at https://learning.benwalker.com/courses/fundingbusinessacquisition

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