What To Look For When Investing

We invited Phil Grant of NAI Harcourts Pinnacle to talk about investing in commercial property.

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Here’s what he said about

what to look for when investing

  • Good Location, Quality Tenant/s, Easily Relettable, Downturn Proof

Some of the major things that really need to be taken into consideration when you’re looking at commercial investments are the fundamentals. What are the fundamentals of a good investment?-

  •  That’s got to be a good location. 
  • If it is a tenanted investment already, make sure that you’ve done some research on the tenant. 
  • Are they good-quality tenants? 
  • Are they a local mom-and-dad business? 
  • Are they a national? 
  • Are they international? 
  • Is the building you’re buying easily relettable? 

Let’s say that it’s already got the tenant and you go, “that’s a really good return.”

How about if the tenant does move out?

  • Is it something that has been specifically designed for that tenant and going to be very hard to relet? 
  • Or is it something that’s fairly generic and you can relet it really easy? 
  • Is the business that’s in that investment property downturn proof? 

I’d use that as a generalized term. But if the business world goes terribly, like we’ve had a tough run for the last couple of years, depending on which industry you’re in. Is it a business that will survive that? And if it is, that could be a consideration for you to look at. 

I briefly mentioned that you’ve got different sectors. You’ve got industrial, you’ve got commercial and retail.



The retail sector in the last couple of years has been absolutely smashed. 



In the commercial sector, if we look at offices they have had to sort of evolving. Are they working from home? Are they working from the office? Are they working from both and switching? 



In industrial property, out of the three, the one that’s actually been what I would consider downturn proof at the moment. In some instances, it is where people are now basically dealing with third parties. The product will come in, the product will go out, or services will come in and out. It’s the one that’s seen probably the most change and growth in the last couple of years than the other two. But those are some of the things you got to look at.

  • Undervalued property
  • Property that requires repositioning
  • If it’s too good to be true, it probably is!
    • Check leases very carefully, check flood maps, and Research tenants, and Leasebacks.

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