What Is A Visa?

We recently invited Michel Sulzbach and Erica Carino, directors of Bravo Migration to a webinar on the topic, ‘Hiring Temporary Residents on a Visa’ 

Here’s what they said –

It is a legal document that allows a foreigner to not only enter the country, but also remain in the country for a particular period of time. In Australia, we have three main sub-categories of visas. 

We have temporary visas for 1-4 years or 5 years, depending on the subclass of the visa. 

Permanent visas are the same as the green card in the US. It’s the one that allows a visa applicant to remain here indefinitely and depending on the circumstance or the majority of cases, it would allow them to apply for citizenship if they want Australian citizenship down the track.

Then we have the third one, the bridging visa. It’s not technically a substantive visa, a bridging visa is a bridge. If someone comes to Australia, for a student visa and they apply for a sponsorship visa while the application is being processed, that person is granted a bridging visa. 

Bridging visa is a legal technicality that allows the visa applicant to remain lawfully in Australia until the application is processed. This is particularly important nowadays because the processing times have exploded and there’s a long waiting period. 

One of the things that we cannot say enough is how important it is to take advantage of those people who are in Australia at the moment, even if their visas is running out and then you will decide to sponsor them, even if the application takes a year, the reality is they can already work for you and they can stay in the country while the application is being processed.

Watch the full webinar, ‘Hiring Temporary Residents on a Visa’ at https://learning.benwalker.com/courses/hiretempvisas

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