We’re going to save our clients, $1m in tax… again!

We’re going to save our clients, $1m in tax… again!

Some of the things we just love to do around this time every year at Inspire.  Enjoy our 4 day Easter break – check.  A planned getaway of some sort – locked in.  Provide excellent year round service to our clients – of course.  Oh and save them over one million dollars in tax.  We’ve done it before and we are going to do it again.

As many of you know we were able to achieve over $1.26m in tax savings for our clients last year against a bold, audacious and frankly, scary target of $500,000.  Yes, there was some hesitation around aiming for a number that big but as more and more of our clients came to understand that we proactively work and plan to achieve maximum savings, that target went from intimidating to realistic.  Well we want to do it again.  Why?  Because we know for a fact that too many business owners are paying too much tax and that excess would mostly likely do more good in the hands of those young families.


Too much of a good thing is bad – for you

Don’t get us wrong, we believe that paying tax is a good thing and absolutely necessary.  It’s just that it seems to be those that can least afford to pay more than their fair share that get caught up doing just that – year after year.  To help disrupt that cycle of overpayment that has business owners coming to accept it as “just one of those things”, we aim to give a helpful, business changing, if not life changing answer to the throwaway question, “oh well, what are you going to do?”  Here’s what we think you should definitely do:

  • Get in touch with us about how your business numbers are looking
  • Set some goals with us around tax savings
  • Let us locate all possible opportunities to ensure you only pay your fair share of tax
  • Keep up with our progress against our target and regular tips and tricks
  • Tell others in small business, by sharing our posts or via word of mouth that we’d love to help them reduce their tax

Cash flow is so important to small businesses, you know this better than most.  We are also going to help you find out more than most about saving tax in Wednesday’s “Don’t pay tax on money you haven’t received” live session.  It’s all a part of our commitment to saving a million, saving tax and making small business even more rewarding for owners and their families.

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