We Want To Save Our Clients $2.1 Million In Tax In 2021

We want to save our clients $2.1 million in tax in 2021, which is a massive goal for our team! Interestingly enough, we’ve already hit $769,000 out of that target (as at 4 May 2021) – so just over 36% which I’m blown away with. We’ve still got more work to do and it’s not going to happen without a lot of effort. 

This campaign is something that we’re focused on absolutely as a whole team for the next 12 weeks. If you want to be a part of this, feel free to book a strategy call with an accountant to discuss next steps. You can usually get a call the same day, or the next business day with one of our accountants. So if you do want to explore what that might look like, you’ll not only be saving tax, but you’ll also be contributing to that massive goal.

For more tax tips visit https://info.inspire.business/save2point1m

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