⏰⏰⏰ The ugly truth about TIMESHEETS – what old school accountants don’t want you to know about how they charge when they bill you by the hour ??

You may not realise this but ‘Old School’ Accountants charge by the minute.

They are driven by timesheets.  

What’s the problem with your accountant charging you using timesheets?

The problem is this…

If the accountant wanted to make more money out of you, what does he need to do?  

“Take longer,” you say?

And you would be correct … he could take longer.  

But the ugly reality that I’ve seen is this –

an accountant who does timesheets could either take longer to make more money out of you, or he could just “SAY” he took longer.”

It’s like a dirty Donald Trump locker room secret that most accountants don’t want you to know about – a practice called “TIMESHEET PADDING.”  

I’m guilty.  I’ve fabricated some pretty spectacular timesheets in my time.  

But I was expected to by my employer in order to ‘meet budget’.  

That’s why I went out on my own to start INSPIRE CA and why we price our jobs UPFRONT and GUARANTEE that your investment in our fees will pay for themselves many times over in tax saved.  

So next time you receive a bill from your Accountant ask him or her if they use timesheets to charge and if instead, they could move you to a fixed price or upfront fee so that you know exactly how much your bill will be.


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