Time out – free speech

Time out!

Can we just talk for a minute… for free?


Firstly and most importantly the answer to that one is a yes. 

A resounding and emphatic yes for that matter.  But let’s take a step back because I’ve come in half way through the story.

Have you ever had a tradesperson over at your place getting paid by the hour to a job – yes an important job, like a plumbing task or what have you?  And when that person asks you a question around your preferences, y’know, kinda engages you in conversation, you feel the tension rising in you because they’re on the clock and “why the heck aren’t you just getting on with it?!” is all you can think.  If only that tradie wasn’t on the clock, you’d be able to engage properly, give some real thought to your answers and because of that you’d almost certainly get some better results as a consequence. 

Let me take it a step further.  With a clearer understanding of what you want from the job your tradie is doing, it is highly likely they would do an even better job than what you (and they) would have settled for.  A better job, more satisfaction on both sides of the client/service provider fence, maybe some heartfelt recommendations and who knows a nice fat slice of goodwill (you know, the old “what goes around comes around dynamic” may swing into action – stranger things…).

The point is that clear, relaxed communication sometimes requires a bit of extra time to give and absorb.  The trouble is, it’s hard trying to explain to say, your accountant, that your situation is unique and somewhat complicated and you need to get cash flowing in the right direction when he’s charging you by the six-minute increment.  Time is money and I’m afraid that not only do many accountants know it – they absolutely love it.  And that’s where the love affair with your accountant can end and suddenly it’s all business.  Joyless transactional and ultimately not very satisfying.

And I’m out!

Real value through freedom of speech? I’m in!

So one of the key principles on which we as a team, built this business was “real and quantifiable value” being offered to our clients.  Sounds suspiciously corporate so put another way: “we aim for the tax savings we deliver to our clients to exceed the service fee we collect.”  Simple and smiles all round.  To do that we need to understand the circumstances, the pressures, the business, everything.  And as I explained when talking about our tradie, I simply can’t do that if my client clams up because they are getting charged for every minute we sit across from each other or spend time chatting on the phone. 

Death to timesheets!

Perhaps not all of them because some are absolutely necessary in other businesses but to the ones in our industry I say, “die scum!”  Sounds very harsh doesn’t it?  Harsh but fair.  Timesheets and more pointedly, billing according to the timesheets killed trust, potential, reputations (both individual and corporate), businesses, a sense of enterprise, the Aussie “fair go”, Phar Lap  – the list goes on.

As far as we here at Inspire CA are concerned, we are here to listen carefully and carefully apply our skills expertise and enthusiasm to the success and ongoing success of your business.  In short, that means when you talk, we listen… for free!

But don’t take our word for it.  Why don’t you call or contact us  and experience what a timesheet free, obligation free chat could do for your business and test drive a good listener (AKA Inspire CA accountant) today.

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