The Truth About How Much Time We Spend On Marketing

Our Chief Experience Officer, Roze, reckons that about 80% of her role is spent in marketing. Keep in mind that she also does the event side of things, and also the partnerships – which includes keeping in touch with our key partners and referral partners at Inspire – so that’s her two other roles. So 80% of a full-time wage, and from a business perspective, is dedicated to marketing.
I, personally, spend about 10% of my time focused on marketing. So let’s say there’s 20 working days in a month – Roze and I worked out that there’s about one day a month of preparation for speaking gigs, and then there’s another one day a month for delivery – that time is spread out within the month.
For example, we recently held a Marketing webinar, where we did an hour of delivery. Thanks to Roze, I probably only did about 10 minutes of preparation – but, in fact I actually think preparation is a little bit less for me because I’ve done a fair few of them now, and the content that we use contains similar messages, just tailored to a different audience.
Similarly, I recently hosted a webinar for small business owners, and I probably had half an hour of preparation, and an hour and a half of delivery.
Now, remember that we’re in those delivery moments where we’re recording everything, because once we record it, we send it over to our awesome friends at Splasheo and they turn it into 60 videos and 20 blog posts in a month.
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