The Secret To Hitting Your Weekly Magic Number

At Inspire, we report our magic number every single day. We have a team daily huddle and a target for the week. Obviously, not everyone is involved in sales but we share our numbers at our morning meeting so that everyone is aware of how we’re tracking and it gives absolute clarity and focus for the people who are involved with sales. So we make sure we do everything we can to hit our numbers.

We work off our sales KPIs, or even our marketing KPIs are all around magic number. We estimate how many leads we need to hit that magic number, how many look under the hoods or structure and strategy sessions that we need to hold and how many proposals we need to send out. 

So, if you have salespeople and sales agents that sell for you, you can work back how many phone calls to prospects that you need. If you start to know the magic number you need to bring it in. And if you know your conversion statistics, then you can start working backwards for literally how many times does that person need to pick up the phone during the day to make that outcome happen.

This is a great focus, but it doesn’t happen by looking at the number. It needs more of the business KPIs and everyone’s individual KPIs to make it happen.

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