The secret recipe to breaking down Big Scary (and Hairy) Audacious Goals into bite sized chunks!

Ever had a great idea for a business that was borne out of a frustration you faced?  Ever wanted to take a 3 month Road trip around Australia?  Ever tried one of those crappy frozen meals and wondered if there was anything better out there? (I know I have!)

It was an absolute pleasure to interview Dave Compton from Caveman Kitchen this week as part of our YFSB interviews – sharing the inspirational stories and strategies behind Brisbane’s well known entrepreneurs.

You’re going to love this interview, especially the systematic reverse engineering of a 3 month Road trip into a specific number of meals – genius!

Enjoy – Harvee

HP:  Hi Dave, What is your business?

DC:  Caveman Kitchen – we deliver healthy (gluten free, preservative free and no added sugar) to your door.

HP:  What does your family look like?

DC:  My beautiful fiance’s name is Abbey.  We’ve been together since 2011 and will be getting married in Thailand in March!

HP:  When and why did you start your Business?

DC:  Abbey and I both had 9 – 5 Corporate Jobs and we got tired of spending our whole Sunday going to the markets, buying food and spending the whole day doing meal prep for the week.

So we looked out for healthy prepared meal options but they weren’t really as healthy as they professed to be.  So Caveman Kitchen was born.  We’re now 2 years old.

HP:  So are you both professional chefs then?

DC:  Not at all.  I’m an engineer and Abbey comes from a background in Marketing and PR.

HP:  What’s your biggest lesson learnt after 2 years in Business?

DC:  Just do it.  You learn far more as you go than you ever could have by delaying a start while make a ‘perfect’ plan.  We went from idea to our first delivered meal in 6 weeks.  What a learning curve!

HP:  As you know Inspire CA helps Young Families, Use Their Small Business to Achieve Big Goals.  What is a BIG GOAL you and Abbey are working towards with Caveman Kitchen this year?

DC:  Over xmas we made a Big Goal of taking a 3 month road trip around Australia, later this year.  This is how we reverse engineered that goal…

We started with our Organisation Chart.  Right now Abbey [my future wife and business partner] and I take most of the positions.  So we know now in order to get away for that amount of time, the Ideal Positions that need to be filled.

How much those positions cost, gave us the revenue we’d need to achieve in order to afford the roles.  We now have a Revenue Target with a real reason behind it – our 3 month road trip!

We also know exactly how many meals we need to make to reach the revenue target.  But that’s not the end of it.  Revenue isn’t going to increase on its own!

We’ve broken the Goal of increased revenue (e.g. number of meals sold) into a number of Strategies (e.g. Increase website conversion rate) and each strategy into a number of Tactics (e.g. A / B Split Test website content).

For us, this process has broken down a Big Scary (and Hairy) Audacious Goal into manageable chunks that I can prioritise and systemise.

HP:  That’s brilliant.  I personally subscribe to Caveman Kitchen meals and I love them – especially the all day breakfast.  How might our Inspire readers get a taste for what you do?

DC:  Here’s a promo code for Inspire that will get you $30 off your first order.  Go to and enter the code  ‘LIFE’

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