The horrors of getting your numbers wrong: Today’s BAS webinar can help you get it right

Today’s BAS webinar can help you get it right

It probably doesn’t get more embarrassing than what popular host and celebrity Steve Harvey had to go through when he misread the score card and named the wrong contestant as winner of the 2015 Miss Universe.  Let’s embrace the pain one more time.  Yikes!

But many of us know someone who has badly misread or ignored their business scorecard and embarrassment on the world stage would have been the least of their problems.  Happily, the amiable and now really, really, careful Steve Harvey, was asked back to host the following year’s event – all was forgiven.  The tax office and the commercial environment in which we all operate is rarely as forgiving.

The bright side? BAS is more than just a chore – it can help you

Let’s focus on the chief benefit of BAS.  If nothing else, it provides your business with a quarterly scorecard letting you know whether you’re up or down as well as a direct comparison to previous quarters.  But leaving it at that is to ignore some other key benefits available to you if you know what you’re doing.  By saving your spot at our “Make BAS Work for YOU” webinar today at 2.30pm AEST, Ben and I can help you:

  • Manage your cashflow – sometimes the line between money for your BAS bill and operating capital become so blurry that things can become difficult.  Let’s work on ensuring things are easier.
  • Free your time – you already have a job.  Business owner.  The good news is that bookkeeper needn’t appear on your job description and you certainly shouldn’t be forced to wear that hat at night or on the weekends.
  • Work your advisers – there’s more to delivering maximum benefit than ticking boxes and submitting forms (we think so, anyway).  We want to share strategies that will make sure you get the most out of your team.
  • Increase performance – knowing the score and understanding how to read it will instantly help you play the game better.  This is also true in business.  Let’s work on that together.
  • Pay your fair share – Are common mistakes killing your bottom line?  DIY business owners are realising more and more that inexperienced or stuck-in-their-ways accountants and even themselves are letting the side down.  Time to put a stop to that.

Okay, we’re almost ready to go, enough reading, let’s get you booked in if you’re not already.  And if you can’t join us, we’d still love to hear from you, so feel free to contact us when you’re ready.

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