The First Step In Creating Wealth for Life

I truly believe you need to take time and plan out what you want in life. Anything about goals, creating wealth, or that sort of thing needs to be contextual into what you want out of life.

Some of our clients want a couple million dollar lifestyle property in the Gold or Sunshine Coast hinterland, and that’s their goal. We need to work that out first before we go and work out how that’s going to happen.

Spend some time on mapping out your bucket list. I recommend you actually take some time to do individually, and then meet up with your partner to discuss it.

We have four goal sections mapped out:

🏙️ Personal/Lifestyle
👨‍👩‍👦 Family / Relationship
👥Community/ Contribution
📈 Business/ Wealth

The idea of them is, there is some sort of reference to time in good goals. For example: 12 month goals (short term), three to five year goals (mid term), and then 10 to 25 year goals (long term).

As a personal example, our goal was to buy a house within 12 months. Another goal might be to travel as a family. For community contribution goals, you could tie some sort of giving goal in there. For business and wealth, this is where you might put financial dollars behind, or you might want to make $500,000 per year from the business.

Lastly, we need to determine our 90 day action. This is good to check in on every 90 days, or every quarter. I’d even recommend using it as an excuse to go away with your spouse and spend a night or two at some sort of retreat. Discuss with your spouse what new rituals you have to start to hit these goals up here? What new things (or assets) you need to work on, and what do you need to stop doing?

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