The Employee Consultation Process - Is not just about ticking boxes

The Employee Consultation Process – Is not just about ticking boxes

Natasha Hawker is the director and founder of Employee Matters, author of the book “From Fire to Hire & Everything in Between” and host of the HR Heroes Podcast.

Here’s what she said on the webinar last week –

The employee consultation process under the temporary amendments requires a three-day consultation process.

Consultation is about engaging with your employees, notifying them of your intention to implement a JobKeeper directional stand down and you’re actually inviting them to consult on the change.

During those three days, your employees might have suggestions or feedback for you. You must consider their point of view, feedback or suggestions prior to implementing the JobKeeper directional stand down.

While consultation is a legal requirement, the way you communicate with your employees and deliver the process can truly make a difference to your results. And if you’re not engaging with them on an emotional level – getting their input and suggestions – you’re missing a huge opportunity to take your employees on a journey. And that’s not just a journey for them, that’s a journey into the future as well.

So let’s face it, I believe your team is critical to how quickly you’re going to rebound from this crisis. You want them on the bus with you and not off the bus. Consultation encourages cooperation, engagement and has countless benefits around increased productivity and engagement. It’s much more than a tick the box option here.

With our clients, we’ve been providing two letters as part of the implementation on the JobKeeper related stand down. Providing clear directions on how to capture all of those conversations, suggestions and responses that you have with your employees as part of that implementation process. And the documentation – let me really emphasise this – this is all about compliance and covering your backside. It shows you have undertaken a process, you have captured the outcomes, the changes, and it forms part of your defence should a disgruntled employee make a claim against you.


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