The Easy Way To Save $500 Every Month

I’ll share a personal story from Stevie and I about coffee.

Stevie and I love a good coffee. We used to go out for coffee because we just can’t stand instant. Now a long black with a dash of milk costs $4.50 in Queensland (probably $6.50 in Melbourne) and there’s two of us. We usually had two a day. Even on Christmas Day we found a cafe to have a cuppa at. So $4.50 x 2 x 2 x 365 days a year equals a heap of money per year – $6,500.

I’ve got a rewards credit card for business expenses. One of the things we could buy was actually a Breville coffee machine at home. So it didn’t cost us any dollars. The only thing we need to do is fuel it. So 26 fortnights in a year times by a $40 bag of coffee equals $1,040. So our savings there is about $5,500 a year.

The key here is we didn’t really adjust our lifestyle. We still can have two coffees a day, every day a year. So, that’s just shy of $500 a month that we’re saving just from doing that.

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