The answer is always Xero. Take this quick quiz to see if you could improve the way you work

Inspire is built on the premise that we can help small business owners with young families, draw more happiness in the form of time and resources from the work they do.  One of the things standing in the way of owners achieving this goal is too much time spent on invoicing, bookkeeping and administration.  Now this doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone but ask yourself these important questions.  At the end, we’ll tell you what it all means:

  1. Do you fire up the laptop to “just finish up a few admin/invoice things” when the rest of your loved ones are hitting the hay?
  2. Are you tired and jaded in the morning because the invoicing had to be done last night?
  3. Do you stare intently into the middle distance when you’re asked about your business numbers?
  4. Did you just doze off for a minute there – because worry and stress has robbed you of decent sleeps?
  5. Weekends.  Did you know they consist of two and sometime three or four days?
  6. Have you ever messed up the trading terms on an invoice you wrote at 2.30am?
  7. Is nailing 7-9hours of sleep three nights in a row just a dream to you?
  8. Did you know people do that?
  9. Do you ever mess up your cash flow because you didn’t get your invoice out promptly?
  10. Do you keep a shoebox to store all your receipts and still lose the important ones?
  11. Do you understand that these answers are affecting your business, your family and you?
  12. Do you wish you could answer “no” to the vast majority of these questions but can’t, in all honesty?
  13. Are you still wondering how on earth to find a few more hours per week with the family?

We’ll leave the questions there because you probably need to get back to your invoicing and/or admin.  But what does it all mean?  Let’s take a look.

If you answered “yes” to any questions aside from questions 5 and 8, we need to talk because you have problems that we can help you solve.  And Xero will feature in many of the solutions.

Bonus question: How can I use automation and easy access to my numbers to drastically reduce stress and time away from my family?
Answer: Xero

Talk to your accountant or us about switching to Xero and get your head out of the books and back into the clouds, where it belongs on your days off… you know… days off?

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