The 3 Ways To Play The Game Of Business

Are there three ways to play the game?

The first way is ‘Drifting Business’, an example of this is like, “Hey, we got JobKeeper, we’ve got a good war chest, things are looking good. You know what? We’ll just maybe cruise. We’ll see what happens with the economy. We’ll just keep on doing what we’re doing.” If you’re thinking like that, you may not have a business by the end of the year because there’s still stuff that’s going on and some drama that’s going to be coming and it ain’t over yet. 

Second way you can play the game is what we call a Dabbler. They have a Dabbling Business and they give it a go over this, “Oh, I’m going to learn how to do the new Facebook ad thing. I’m going to go over here and do this.” What they end up doing is become little junkies going around learning different things and thinking that they’re making progress. But in actual fact, they’re Dabblers.

They’re just putting their toe in, not fully committing, and not making decisions to really go for it. The next eight months is the time to go for it. The time to make decisions and you don’t have the luxury of time anymore because you’ve got a short window of opportunity. I’m going to encourage you to be very careful as a Dabbler Business, because you may be thinking you’re making progress but in actual fact, you’re not. 

The good thing is you got the Inspire Team. I don’t know any accountants that are better than these guys, and we work with people around the globe. You’re fortunate that they’re going to give you a nudge, especially if you’re doing this.

I want to encourage you if you’re here today, you’re here for a reason. You’re here because you want to make a difference and you want to do something differently. I want to encourage you to be a Decisive Business. Go for it, because the difference it’s going to make, It will be massive to you not just now. You’ve got to plant the seeds and do the work now, but what’s going to happen in the future? 

Have you ever tried to go on a diet or a health thing and then after a while, you just kind of let things happen and it’s not till three months later, four months later, you go “Oh man!” You wake up to yourself and it’s like, “I better get back onto it.” And what you’ve really lost, you’ll get the outcome eventually, what you’ve really lost is time. But time is not on your side anymore. Time is now to move. The time is now to be decisive.

The difference between a Dabbling Business, or a dabbler and someone who’s decisive, doesn’t look like a lot right now. But if you look at the passage of time, if we go fast forward three years from now, The difference is massive. The difference that you can see with the passage of time over the next three years, the gap that is created, becomes irretrievable.

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