The 3-Step Process In A 482 Visa

We recently invited Michel Sulzbach and Erica Carino, directors of Bravo Migration to a webinar on the topic, ‘Hiring Temporary Residents on a Visa’ 

Here’s what they said –

The most common visas today are starting with the 482 TSS. This is the new 457 visa which really is just the same with a different name and a little bit of tweaking in the requirements. This is a visa that takes 3 steps. A business needs to be approved as a sponsor to be able to sponsor workers in this visa. Then there is a nomination which is the approval of the position being offered to that worker in particular and a visa approval as well.

The SBS, or the Business Sponsorship Approval is a blanket approval that will be valid for five years and enable businesses to sponsor people over that period. However, every time there’s a new candidate, every business, approved or not, needs to go for step 2 and 3, specifically for that person. Now that SBS approval is also valid for the regional sponsor visa. 

Regional for migration purposes is any position located outside of Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne metropolitan areas. Gold Coast, Cairns, Newcastle, South Australia are regional areas for migration purposes and you could benefit from that because the government wants to make things easier for regional employers. So that approval is valid for the 482 TSS visa or a regional-sponsored visa as well.

Watch the full webinar, ‘Hiring Temporary Residents on a Visa’ at

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