The 21st Century Benefits of Online Signing Software

It’s become a bit of a joke – “Where are the flying cars?” Science Fiction from decades past always envisioned the 21st Century with a few key elements of futuristic technology: The laser gun, the spaceship, and the aforementioned flying cars.

Yet here we are well into the 21st Century and no flying cars yet.

Another promise of the future that hasn’t been kept? The paperless office. We’ve put people on the Moon and yet we’re still pushing paper around.

For the most part. A quiet revolution has begun that’s seeing more and more individuals and businesses take advantage of the benefits of online signing software – benefits that just about anyone who regularly deals with contracts, legal papers, or any other documents that require signatures can take advantage of.

Here at Inspire CA, we wanted to improve efficiency and cut down on paper waste and costs, so we launched a project to identify online signing options. We evaluated our options on the product’s environmental stability, affordability, convenience, security, and enforceability.

Environmentally Healthy

Signing documents online saves paper. Every year literally millions of trees are used to create the paper used in offices around the world, and this puts a lot of stress on the forests. While most paper companies work hard to maintain their trees and ensure a continuing supply, eliminating paper by using Online Signing Software would alleviate much of the demand and allow forests to grow back naturally.

More Affordable

With Online Signature Software, not only do companies save the costs of paper, but they save the costs of postage to send documents around the world for signatures, the costs of messenger services, and other associated costs. Online Signature Software allows people to transmit, sign, and return legally-binding documents without any associated physical costs.

Convenient & Secure

Not only can documents be routed for signature without the costs of postage or messenger services, but the documents can be routed instantly, saving days or even weeks of transmittal time. A document can be prepared in New York and transmitted for signature in Hong Kong at the press of a button.

Not only that, but just about any common digital document format can be used – Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, and many others, including bespoke templates created in the software itself. The documents can also be transmitted in any way convenient – DropBox or other Cloud server, email – and a log can be maintained that shows everyone who viewed, signed, or otherwise came into contact with the document, a very handy feature for security and legal purposes.

Legal and Enforceable

Online Signature Software complies with international standards for security and chain-of-possession, ensuring that the signatures applied digitally are legal and enforceable around the world. Most world governments, including the European Union and the United States, acknowledge the enforceability of digital signatures.

In the end, we chose DocuSign for our online signing needs, because it ideally combined all of these features with a strong customer service ethic. DocuSign’s online signature software solved the limitations of paper signatures without sacrificing any security, enforceability, or other features. If you’re ready to step into the future, click here for more information!

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