Self Managed Super Funds vs Retail Super? A Warning…

Many people are quite comfortable sitting in simple, plain, ‘vanilla’, industry and retail superannuation funds. Self Managed Super Funds or ‘SMSF’s’ are a lot different.

The Warning:

  • If you are someone who is laid back.  
  • You are really not interested in your retirement.  
  • You don’t want to make investments yourself.  
  • You are really happy going along with the flow,

Then really, a retail or an industry-based fund is really up your alley.

Don’t make the step of going through a self-managed super fund.

But for those who want a bit more excitement, those who want to really press ahead and become a self-made success, to really make the most of the opportunities, I really suggest that a self-managed super fund may well be for you.

From our perspective, if you move over, and you become engaged in your SMSF, you need to start to choose these 9 things –

  1. What stocks am I going to choose?
  2. What managed funds am I going to choose?
  3. Am I going to invest in property?
  4. Am I going to go borrow to buy a property?
  5. Am I going to buy a property for my business, and then lease it back to my business?
  6. Which members of my family am I going to bring into this fund?
  7. Am I going to bring my children in?
  8. Am I going to bring my parents in?
  9. Am I going to bring my daughters or sons-in-law into the fund?


So the first benefit of an SMSF is becoming engaged with your future.

“Engagement with your Super is Engagement with your Future.”

One of the most important things about engagement and being a Self-Made Success is then to become knowledgeable in what is a self-managed super fund.

To learn the rest of the 8 Benefits of an SMSF, The ‘Inspire Boys’ Favourite 3 Wealth Strategies they personally use, and details of the Become a SMSF Millionaire 12 Week Online Course, go to

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