SAVE $500,000 TAX | Accounting that pays for itself

SAVE $500,000 TAX | Accounting that pays for itself


We are well known for a campaign we ran two years ago called Save $500,000 Tax. It was a bold and audacious target to save our clients half million dollars in tax by proactively implementing cutting edge tax saving strategies.

We didn’t think we’d actually get the $500,000 tax savings but we knew that we had to GO BIG or GO HOME.

We ended up saving our clients a huge $1.2M in tax in 12 short weeks and went on to be name Top 100 Companies in Australia and featured on many platforms including The DENT Podcast, Small Business Big Marketing, The Courier Mail and TEDx, to name a few.

Most importantly since that campaign we’ve now been able to help our clients save a total $2.35M dollars in tax or $18,000 each business which means our service pays for itself 3 – 4 times and our clients tell us they use to reinvest back into growing their businesses and taking their families on holiday.




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