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The original article was published by B1G1: Business for Good on 14 October 2013. Written by Paul Dunn.


Ben Walker’s one of those guys you love to meet. Looks sharp, is sharp and clearly on the pace. And Ben’s a Chartered Accountant.

But the thing I like most about Ben is his intuitive understanding of this, ‘the power of any idea is only ever in its implementation.’

Ben implements like mad. Mention to him, for example, that timesheets have no place in any Professional Knowledge Firm, and he gets rid of them. Totally.

Or mention to Ben that we should do an event together and you don’t get ‘Oh …. What a good idea.” What you get back is “Great … let’s do it!” (http://inspireca.eventbrite.com)

Or this one, “Ben, in all these years I’ve been consulting to and mentoring Accountants, I’ve always felt that the basic office layout was in need of work. I’ve always thought we should not have reception desks and the like. What we should have is someone game enough to make the very core of their office as a café.

Ben’s response: “I’ve been wanting to move offices to deal with our growth any way, so let’s do it.”

And the result …… the soon to be launched Inspire Café (a name completely consistent with Ben’s firm: INSPIREca.)

But even more than that. Ben’s well aware of this dictum too: ‘WORDS MATTER’. He’s seen what happens when we no longer have tabs on websites that say ‘Our Team’ but rather ‘Meet our Exceptional Team’. That one word ‘exceptional’ changes everything.

So when Ben advertised for a Barista, he got an exceptional one. How? Like this:

One word makes all the difference doesn’t it?

And Ben Walker’s pushing the envelope by making a difference in so many other areas too because of his Partnership in B1G1: Business for Good.

Oh ….. you’ll want to keep track of the progress of the Inspire Café too. Just click on this link and Ben will keep you right up to date. SO …. Go ahead and implement .. make sure you click that link now: http://inspirecafe.com/

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