[Podcast] The accountant with a coffee shop in his office. – Pricing Power

The original article was published by Pricing Power on 26 March 2014. Written by Steve Major.  You can access the Pricing Power podcast here.


Why would an accountant open a coffee shop as part of his accounting business? Ben Walker did and it has created a fantastic business.

Ben Walker lists himself as the Chief Inspiration Officer of Inspire CA (the accounting firm) and the Beer Development Manager of Inspire Cafe  Inspire CA has its mission to inspire people to build phenomenal businesses. The dream for the cafe is create a place where you can enjoy a good coffee and something decent to eat with entrepreneurs and business people.

In the short time that Ben has been in business he has made a mark. I first heard of Ben from a colleague in the United States. Impressive. The cafe is fast becoming a hub for business events and a thriving community.

And by the way Ben does not do timesheets, he value prices, extensively uses the cloud amongst other impressive aspects of his business. During this interview we talk about why he created the Coffee shop and how that changed his business. As Ben talks about it has not all been plain sailing but he has fought hard to create this fantastic business.

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